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Writing About Yourself

Write about yourself the right way

What To Say About Yourself

The toughest challenge to online dating has to be completing the section where you write about yourself.

  • How much detail should you go into?
  • Are you being too cliched?
  • Will anyone believe what you write and will it encourage them to contact you?

Describing Yourself

You don't need to copy your daily diary here, just the main ponts of your life that can lead to additional conversations and things you may have in common by a visitor to yuor online dating profile.

Too much detail allows for too much distraction and can actually create a false impression of yourself so you want to be conversational and yet at the same time be basic about what you do share.

Family: Everyone has an upbringing and often that includes baggage. It's OK to say you're the middle child, it's too much to talk about how hard your childhood was or that your parents drank a lot. Tell the basics and leave the details of your family life for your one-on-one conversations.

Friends: Good friends and bad friends, current and past, we have history with others. It's OK to talk about events that have happened without going into detail of when, where and with whom. Leave your friends out of your personal essay but keep the basics of the events that you're proud of in.

Work/Career: This is a tough point to talk about. You don't want your job to be dull or too exciting, it could be read as intimidating or that you're just too plain boring. Touch on your career highlights and accomplishmenst in a very general way, with the goal of leading to future conversation topics.

Goals: You have future goals, both personal and professional don't you? feel free to mention them as a way to find shared interests but don't make them a "make or break" proposition. Just like life changes so do our future goals and you don't want yours to become dealbreakers.

The real key is to write just enough to make yourself active and interesting without giving someone a large picture of yourself. Encouraging them to find out more about you in ways that elad to online messages and possible dates is your goal with online dating so keep it in mind when you write about yourself.


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