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Top Things To Say To A Girl

The Top Two Things To Say To A Girl

What if I told you that there were two things you could say to a girl you've never met before, walk up to her cold, and have her in  a conversation, where she talks all about herself (the best kind of female to male conversation there is!) and rarely get shot down, the cold shoulder or ignored?

You'd hound me to reveal what those two things are, wouldn't you?

I can already sense the new email message being readied to be sent, the first pleading words being thought out in your mind. "Tell me, pleeeease!"

OK, I won't drive you to begging, here goes:

Number One:

"Nice shoes".

That's right, two simple words. Now, depending on whether you're smiling, sneering or simply whispering the words in her ear, she's going to respond. And usually she's going to say something like "Thanks, I bought them at..." and she'll tell you the whole shoe lifestory. And as she warms up to you telling you her innermost shoe secrets you can get her phone number, her email, maybe even get her to give you a seat beside her and more. Shoes are a great opener.

Number Two:

"Nice hair".

Hey, even if she went Britney Spears on herself, she's going to be proud of what is on top. And no girl, ever, went out without making sure that her hair was exactly the way she wanted it to look. And when you notice, you're going to be very well received by her. Never confuse "nice hair" with "nice hat" or anything like that unless she's at a football game and you're both favoring the same team!

"Nice hair" takes you to an immediate level of agreeing with her style, appreciating the way she looks and, this is a biggie, opening up the conversation to letting her talk about herself (again, a great way to have a conversation, keep the other person talking and you listen and ask agreeing questions) which is what most people (another biggie, not just guys like to talk about themselves) like to do: talk about themselves.

So, you've actually learned three things about women here:

  1. Open your conversation with a personal, complimentary comment about her appearance or apparel
  2. Let her talk so you can be a listener in the conversation asking questions to end any pauses that might happen, and
  3. Let her talk about herself, don't you talk about yourself, there'll be time enough for that on your second date if you can get past the next 5 minutes and get her email address and phone number.

Now, go forth and be successful with women! You have the two, no, you have the three best skills that ANY GUY, ANYWHERE will ever have!

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