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Unbreakable by "The Social Man" Christian Hudson

Unbreakable: The DVD series

A quick description of "Unbreakable":

This program for men goes well beyond the run-of-the-mill inner game programs in that "Unbreakable" directly tackles the bigger questions:

  • Are you being held back by poor game and personality?
  • Is your lifestyle contrary to what attracts women and are there dateable women within your reach that you don't see?
  • Are you self-defeating when it comes to chatting up women?
  • Do you get your signals crossed with women and your perception of dateable women succumbs to low self-esteem?

"Unbreakable" has been designed to help men realize their potential and help you develop into a more confident, socially savvy man.

"Unbreakable" is the unified theory of seduction and the pickup that has been fire-tested with real men in real situations and now broken down into a comprehensive 10 hour DVD course (also available for immediate download) that will pull all the pieces of:

  • Inner Game
  • Seduction
  • Pick-up
  • Authenticity
  • The Natural
  • Instinctive interactions with women...

"Unbreakable" has been molded into a true masterpiece that every man that has doubt about his qualities not only as a man that can be comfortable round women but also the man that can truly connect and create meaningful relationships with women.

Robert LeeGuys, no longer is it important to get numbers and emails. We're adults now, no more "games" just real, positive encounters with women. No tricks involved.

Discover "Unbreakable" for yourself, click here.

-- Robert Lee,
editor of

Meet Christian Hudson and Nick Sparks, the hosts/guides/instructors through the "Unbreakable" DVD series

Christian Hudson

Nick Sparks

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