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Mastering The Cold Approach

How you add and take value when meeting women

Unbreakable by "The Social Man" Christian Hudson

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Mastering the cold approach walks you through the values and emotions that distinguish our actions and reactions to the people we meet.

"The Cold Approach"* is an essential tool that every man needs to master, whether in their dating or professional life. If you cannot 'hold your own' when meeting and talking with others, then they control you. It's a simple symbiotic relationship: One gives value and one takes value.

When you approach someone there is an immediate response of your "value filter"* that instinctively forces the next few movements and reactions from you. Because these reactions are instinctive many men do not have control over their eyes widening, their gut sucking, their straightening up, their check that the hair is in place, etc., and send these body language responses to the person that sees them uncontrolled.

Control of these instinctive responses is possible and that will be followed up further in "Unbreakable".

The important thing for you to understand from this article, the first step you need to be comfortable with, is that you do have control over the signals you send out. Your body language can be controlled just as easily as your verbal language can be controlled.

Your conscious and sub-conscious sends values to you and your body and your verbal language transmits this information to all within your reach and sight. These values are the importance of what you recognize, again instinctively, and the effect they have on you, attraction and interest or rejection and disinterest.

Training of your responses takes time but the rewords are greater when you can be interested in a woman and send her the correct signals that stimulate positive reactions from her. When you can stimulate someone positively by how you act and react to them you gain control of the aggressive/submissive relationship that is instinctively aroused in all of us.

Just as we have the "fight or flight" instinct we also have the "aggressive/submissive" instinct that affects how we respond to the movements, body language, eye contact and verbal connection of others.

This instinct relies on our five senses (touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight) to guide us to the safest relationship with others.

Training this instinct to react in more aggressive and less frightened mannerisms is a quality of attraction that adds value to the meetings and relationships we have with others.

Understanding how the environment you are in sends feedback to be interpreted by your subconscious and results in the actions you make is controllable and needs to be controlled to be a man of quality that attracts women of quality and to be a man that has control over his environment and the people that surround him.

Being positive in body language, eye contact and verbally, allows you to be in control and be appreciated and attracted by others, especially the women you meet and want to date.

This goes beyond impressing someone into the true identity of a value relationship by allowing you to extend the positive nature you have but has yet to be opened up.

"Unbreakable" teaches you how to open these values and instincts in a positive way.

* these terms noted are described in detail in the Unbreakable program for men, click here for more information.

Robert Lee

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-- Robert Lee,
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