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The Nice Guy vs The Guy She Wants

"Unbreakable" is about being the nice guy that she wants!

Unbreakable by "The Social Man" Christian Hudson

Unbreakable: The DVD series

There is no doubt that every guy has gone through the "Nice Guy" phase at some point in his life.

He has "been there" for a girl that isn't his girlfriend, though he desperately wishes she would see him as a romantic interest. She just never does have "those feelings" for him.

The "Nice Guy" has been her confidant, her shoulder to cry on, he's always been available for her to talk to, to moan about the horrible boyfriends in her life, and the "Nice Guy" never makes a sexual move on her, he just listens, he's just "there".

The problem with being the "Nice Guy", as brought to the surface by the program "Unbreakable", is that being the "Nice Guy" you are automatically NOT the "Guy She Wants".

Yes, you may tell me that you're the better guy for her, she just doesn't see it yet... but I can honestly tell you that, despite the "Nice Guy" winning the girl at the end of a movie, real life is not scripted like that.

In the real world the "Nice Guy" loses out because of the things he does for her and these are things that boyfriends don't do!

The "Nice Guy" does:

  • Be available for her to talk to
  • Tries to be very, extremely, understanding of her needs and wants
  • Not do any romantic, or arousing, things with her
  • Not make her excited to be with him

The "Guy She Wants":

  • Is available to her as the relationships grows
  • Makes her feel secure and safe
  • Makes her feel enabled to feel aroused, mentally and physically
  • Does make her feel sexually wanted and attractive

As you progress through "Unbreakable" you'll see how these two personalities can actually work together, in one man, to find women, understand women and still give them all that they want to feel like a real woman, which is what she really wants.

If your understanding of women is based on old models of "one big happy family" then you have been deceiving yourself and you will always find yourself available to women as a "comforter" and not a romantic interest.

Breaking out of this self-delusion of what women want is where "Unbreakable" really hits the floor running.

You'll watch this section over and over to gain all the insight that is offered.

Robert Lee

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-- Robert Lee,
editor of



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