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When Should You First Sleep With Her?

There is no set timetable for sex!

Unbreakable by "The Social Man" Christian Hudson

Unbreakable: The DVD series

A lot of guys try to rush into sex with a woman so he can "prove" to himself that she really likes him, in one respect or another.

But often having sex early in a relationship breaks the trust that was forming in the woman's mind about the guy.

If you've ever had a woman pull back from the relationship after having sex with her it's because you broke the trust she had with you... you proved yourself to be only after sex, to be a player, and you'll have a hard time rebuilding that trust to have a growing relationship with her again.

That the above to heart guys!

No matter what the real reason is that you had reasoned why you were both ready to have sex, the same was not true for her.

And to make matters worse in the relationship, because that trust is broken you're going to have to "prove yourself' all over again to her to regain that emotional commitment that was forming in her mind about you.

Gifts, phone calls, long explanations, they just don't work to get past this block that is now in your relationship.

Her trust has been broken and the only way you'll be able to continue seeing her is to step back and slowly rebuild her trust in  you.

The methods of rebuilding trust vary just as mush as the woman varies from another woman in what she wants from a guy.

"Unbreakable" has the steps lined out for you to follow when you're in this situation and don't want a great girl to dump you and get into a relationship with another guy.

All women like sex (generally) but not all women like certain types of men so you need to be "above the average" to meet any woman's specific need for attention, attraction and arousal.

Sleeping with a woman too early in a relationship triggers her lack of trust in you and sleeping with her too late lessens her interest in you.

It's a fine line that is well explained in "Unbreakable".

Robert Lee

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-- Robert Lee,
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