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The Commitment Question You Need Answered...

...But you should never ask!

The secret is to let him discover the relationship you have

Guys are a funny type of logical creature.

They expect the woman they are with to "read his mind" and not test his willingness to a committed relationship.

Indeed, if you ask him at the wrong time "where is our relationship going" you might just be giving him an excuse, and the decision, to continue "playing the field" because he can't decide himself if he does want a stronger, more committed relationship with you.

So you must not ask that question!

77 Secrets of Love ebookYour man, being the logical creature he is, will show you his love for you in his actions before he will in words. And this is what you need to be able to "read" from him so you do understand which direction your relationship is heading.

If he compliments your hair, your hands, your lips and maybe other body parts. If he confesses to you that your smile drives him crazy and makes him want you more, beware.

It's not a physical relationship you really want, is it?

If it's your physical attributes that make you attractive to him, then you want to go slow and not end up as his latest "friends with benefits" sex partner.

A guy that loves your body is not ready to be in a committed relationship, he's just into a physical relationship and turning him into a committed partner is very difficult.

When sex rules the relationship it is not a strong enough bond to be able to plan a future, never mind just planning the next weekend.

A guy will tell you in his actions and words how confident a relationship he feels he is in, in his own time.

It is this "time" that you need to give him because if you question his commitment willingness to early then you may scare him away, or at the very least shut him down from moving towards a more committed relationship with you.

Give the guy you're dating time to make up his mind, often anywhere from 6 to 18 dates.

If you're just "hanging out" and letting the physical aspects of your being together rule your relationship, then very quickly you'll find yourself in a "friends with benefits" type of hanging out and not a relationship that will move forward.

To simplify: if you're having sex then you're not on the path to a serious relationship.

Guys almost universally want to "take it easy" and make their lives enjoyable without having to work to hard at a relationship. But he will do those "relationship things" in time as long as there is no undo pressure to do those things.

His comfort zone in a relationship will easily expand into a committed relationship if you let it happen.

But this doesn't mean you don't give him little nudges every once in a while. If he is not the "most romantic man on the planet" don't worry, he may just not have yet discovered his romantic side.

When you can make his "comfort zone" merge with your relationship then you've started down the path to a committed relationship.

And this is what you wanted - and you have it without forcing him into a corner, without forcing an ultimatum on him before he is ready.

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