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Confessions Of A Man by Alexandra Fox

Make A Man Love You Forever

Are you having a hard time figuring him out?

You know, men are actually simpler than you think -- you're just noticing the wrong things! To discover what REALLY makes men tick in the dating game, and to discover how to turn him into a man who can commit to you for life, then visit my website to learn the secrets of his mind: How he really feels.

You may find this a little shocking to hear, but men ARE pretty easy to figure out. They are!

The problem is that we just look at the wrong things -- their QUIRKS -- which is why we always end up frustrated and annoyed by them.

But to REALLY figure him out, you'll need to stop focusing on his quirks, and start focusing on his CUES! Here are some cues to watch out for. Write these down, because they're easy to miss!

A common confession of a man's REAL potential to commit is when he tells you why he likes you.

When he tells you that he likes your body (or a part of it), especially when you've just started dating, then it's likely he's not the commitment type -- and he's only looking to get you in bed.

A reader of mine once told me that a guy she was dating fell in love with her LIPS. Seriously. Even if she was the conservative type, and preferred to save their first kiss for when the relationship became more serious, he wouldn't stop complimenting her lips... "He told me that he loved my lips, which was why he can't help but try to kiss me," my reader told me. "And even if I tried to resist, we eventually started kissing. Even several days after the first kiss, he keeps telling me the same thing -- my lips drive him crazy. Is he really serious about us, or is he just looking for a friends-with-benefits situation?"

It should be obvious enough, but I'll say it anyway -- it's the latter! He doesn't really love you -- he loves your body. And when you give in to his physical advances too early, chances are he won't REALLY fall in love with you later on, no matter how long the relationship drags on.

Here's how it works -- it's normal when a guy first falls in love with your looks. That's the physical attraction at work, and it normally sets in before the emotional attraction.

The problem is that when you indulge in the physical attraction too soon -- when you kiss too early, when you fondle too early, or when you have sex too early -- then the relationship gets STUCK in that phase! So when he starts complimenting your body, your looks, or your fashion sense, that's a good sign.

Just DON'T get too intimate in the beginning -- let the relationship mature naturally. The key is to eventually let him fall in love with your personality, too! Got it? Now let's move on to the second cue:

 It's true -- after all, actions DO speak louder than words! In the dating game, it usually doesn't matter what he says -- it's his actions that really tell his true feelings towards you. Want to find out whether he really likes you, or is only interested in you as a friend?

Here's how to tell: First, look at his eyes. Where is he looking? Is he avoiding your gaze, as though he was constantly distracted? Or does he respectfully and interestedly look into your eyes throughout the date?

If he confidently looks into your eyes, even through the awkward silences in your date, then it's a sure sign that he likes you!

But if he doesn't hold your gaze, and constantly looks around for "more interesting" things to look at, you can bet that he's not really interested in you romantically.

So at best, he'll only end up as a friend. (But that's not bad -- you might have better luck with one of his friends. So keep that connection!)

Secondly, look at his face. Does he keep touching his face for some reason? Does he smooth his hair, rub his nose, or scratch his cheek? Does he wet his lips, take more sips of his drink, or take more drags off his cigarette?

Here's an interesting thing about men -- when they're attracted to the woman they're talking to, their face becomes more sensitive, especially around the lips area.

That's why they keep touching their faces! It's also a sign that they're slightly uncomfortable, making sure they don't do anything stupid to turn you off. You go, girl!

Lastly, check his posture. Is he erect? (Down, girl...) I mean, does he have an alert posture, or does he slouch and look bored? His posture will tell you just how interested he is in you. If he looks bored, and if he sounds bored, then yep -- he's bored!

These are just some of the cues you can take from his actions and posture. When you know he's interested in you, feel free to make him feel more comfortable -- it'll do wonders for his self-esteem. But if you know he's not interested, then don't push the issue. Wait until things get friendlier between you, then try again! And finally, here's Cue #3:

Here's a question for you: What do you think a man's job is in a relationship? I'm pretty sure you and I (and all your fellow readers) are thinking the same things -- it's his job to carry the relationship, to make you feel special, to provide for the family you'll raise one day, etc.

But you know what? Deep inside, men just want to take it easy. Deep inside, they wish their relationships would just fall into place by themselves.

Deep inside, they just want their relationships to make their lives more enjoyable. Now, you can't really blame them for this -- after all, YOU want the same thing too, right? By default, guys settle into a comfort zone in their relationships.

That's why they react so negatively when you start nagging them -- you're pushing him out of his comfort zone when he really doesn't want to! Naturally, if a guy's too hopelessly dependent on his comfort zone, he's not likely going to be a good boyfriend or husband. But guess what -- when a man is TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY in love with you, he's actually going to GET RID of his comfort zone!

He's actually going to start taking full responsibility of the relationship, and work his hardest to make it work for the two of you.

Shocking, I know, but I've seen a LOT of men get out of their comfort zones once they meet that one special woman who can sweep them off their feet!

Now, you might be asking: HOW can I make him fall truly, madly, deeply in love with me? HOW can I be that one special woman he can love forever? HOW can I be that woman who can sweep him off his feet?

Here's the answer -- it's all in knowing HOW A MAN'S MIND WORKS when he's in love!

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To the happiness you deserve, ~Alexandra Fox

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