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How To Control Your Man by Alexandra Fox

How to Have the Upper Hand

Do you want to gain power in your relationship? Do you feel that your man is taking control over everything in your relationship? Does it bother you that you are powerless when it comes to making decisions about the two of you? Do you always find yourself doing things you’d rather not do because he said so? In every relationship, there’s always the leader and the follower and power struggles are common.

77 Secrets of Love ebookHere are a couple of ways for you to exert more power in your relationship and stop being a mere follower.

Sacrifice limits

It’s a given that you’re going to have to sacrifice something to make a relationship work.

But this doesn’t necessarily require giving up on your control of the whole thing. You don’t have to sacrifice everything that you enjoy and want for you to please your man. When you always give in to what your partner wants without considering your own needs first, you are in for big trouble because over time, you will just keep on working towards that end.

The problem with always giving in is that the guy takes it for granted that he’ll get whatever he wants from you whenever he wants it. Conflicts arise when they are not fulfilled. You cease to become a challenge for him because he can get his way with you. He doesn’t need to exert some effort in getting you to his way of thinking because you’ve practically offered control of your brain to him.

Shifting the power

You want to get equal share of the control and gain power in the relationship for you to make it work. Shifting the dynamics of power need not mean demanding to be in-control over everything.

Relationships are composed of two people – with different personalities and different brains controlling their bodies. To steer the relationship in the right direction, both parties have to contribute their share.

Start saying no to requests that you find unreasonable. When your man realizes that you can’t just give in to his every whim, he will understand that you are not as easy as he thought you were. This allows him to exert the same effort in making the relationship work.

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De-mystifying Men

How to Find Out If a Guy Likes You or Not

77 Secrets of Love ebookHow do you find out whether he’s just being friendly or he wants to date you?

Are you constantly confused over the signals that you get from men around you?

Do you want to know how to read a man like a book?

Life would be so much easier if men just told the women they like straight out that they want to ask them out. That would leave no room for false assumptions.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen most of the time so it’s up to you to decipher just how interested he is in you.

Finding ways to be near you

One good way to tell if a man wants to date you is when he seeks for opportunities to be near you. When a man likes a woman, he’s going to exert the extra effort to be more visible to his object of attraction. He will take advantage of every opportunity he can get to chat and probably even ask you for your number. You just need to give him a little encouragement so he’ll move further.

Ah, the questions he asks

When you’re interested in something, you want to know more about it. The same rule applies to guys. He’s going to ask you a lot of questions about your life. It may feel like a game of twenty-questions but before you get annoyed, at least appreciate the fact that he likes you enough to know more about what goes beyond that great body and pretty face. You can always tell him off if the questions become too personal for comfort.

He’s constantly interested

It does sound patronizing but guys show they like the girl they’re with when they express their interest in everything that she has to say. They listen and they make an effort to understand what you’re blabbing about. If you find yourself constantly talking about yourself when you’re in the company of a particular guy, it’s a sign that he really likes you and he wants to date you. It gets even better when he actually remembers some of the things that you talked about. That means he’s one besotted creature.

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