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Dating Secrets by Alexandra Fox

How to Make Him Want You

Do you have what it takes to make a man want you?

Do you know how to play up your best features so you stand out from other women?

Would you like to know about the real secret to looking good and getting that gorgeous guy to ask you for a date?

Read on and find out just what it really takes to be more attractive and make him want you.

It starts with looks

It’s a fact that men are drawn to pretty faces.

They are genetically programmed to appreciate beauty so
you can’t fault them for that.

77 Secrets of Love ebookAfter all, physical attributes get noticed first when you’re standing across the room from that guy you’ve been eyeing on. You’re going to need to close the distance if you want to show him that there’s a brain sitting in between your pretty ears.

So the first step is to look attractive. But before you moan over your beauty or seeming lack thereof, understand that being attractive doesn’t necessarily have to mean having the perfectly pretty face and a great body to go with it. Simply carrying yourself well and taking good care of your body make a man want you.

A touch of vanity

It wouldn’t hurt to pay more attention to your looks. If you can’t be bothered to comb your hair often, head for your stylist and ask for a wash-and-wear look that will flatter your face. It’s also important to maintain a glowing complexion. All you need to do is to make sure you wash your face daily, moisturize and keep the pimples at bay. You don’t need to invest in expensive makeup. Just being healthy would help a lot.

Finally, believe that you are beautiful and feel good about yourself. When you feel good, you look better because you radiate that confidence that allows you to carry yourself well in the midst of a crowd. That is more than enough to make any guy want you.

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The Things That Turn Men Off Fast

Dating NEVER DOS for Women

Do you know what can get guys turned off? Have you ever wondered why that guy didn’t call back when you were thinking that both of you had a fairly great first date? What is it that could turn you from hot babe to a total turn off within minutes? How do you keep your man hooked without feeling like you’re walking on eggshells? Find out the things that could turn a guy off in this article.

It’s a guessing game

A guy wouldn’t tell you outright what went wrong in what you originally thought was a fantastic date. It’s up to you to find out what it was that you said or did that ruined that could have ruined the moment. This is why it’s important for you to be mindful of certain details that could turn a guy off and avoid them.77 Secrets of Love ebook

Sharing way too much information

One of the worst mistakes that you could ever commit while on a date is to share way too much information about your past relationships. Yes, it was your ex’s fault that you had to break up in the first place but the guy in front of you need not know this. Never badmouth your exes, nor should you even talk about them unless the topic comes up, in which case, you want to keep the information that you offer to a minimum.

The wrong words

Men love their freedom. The mere idea of a woman trying to get them to commit will send chills down their spine. Sure, there are guys who are looking for lasting commitments but you shouldn’t bank on this idea early into the dating process. Yes, you’re dying to be in an honest-to-goodness relationship but you want to show him that you’re already happy as it is. Avoid throwing not-so-subtle hints about commitment, or, God forbid, marriage. That will get him running out the door and your life.

Money talk

Unless you’re on a date with a guy on business, you’re not supposed to make money an issue or a subject of your conversation for that matter. Every woman wants a man who can take care of her but don’t make it look like your date’s bank account matters a lot.

Show him that you’re interested in more than how many credit cards and club memberships he carries with him. A sure way to get a man turned off is by being materialistic.

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