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The Unbreakable Emotional Bond by Alexandra Fox

Make A Man Love You Forever

Every woman wants to have a strong connection with the men in their lives, but few actually achieve it. But it's easy when you know how LOVE really works in a real, long-term relationship! To know every single secret about LOVE that you need to know, visit the website below and thank me later: Touch his heart today.

In this article we'll be talking about something that can happen to any of us -- long-distance relationships.

They're never easy to handle, and they very quickly fail if not managed properly!

That's the risk that one of my readers, SW from Uganda, will be facing soon...

SW recently wrote to me about her boyfriend. She told me that the advice I've been giving in my e-books and articles have allowed her to create a strong, loving relationship with her boyfriend -- they've been going steady for three whole years now. (By the way, that's an ACCOMPLISHMENT!)

You'd think that a relationship that's been going strong for 3 years would be going smoothly, but SW is facing a problem.

Her boyfriend needs to go to the States for the next 3 years -- but has promised to come back just for SW after his stint there. "He said he'll return just for me," SW wrote to me. "Can you give me some advice on how to handle the separation, Alex?"

Well, all I can say is that 3 years is a pretty long time, and a lot can happen in 3 years -- especially in a fast-paced country like the States.

I can't help but feel a little worried, because long-distance relationships are VERY hard to maintain. But, of course, it's NOT impossible!

I've coached some clients of mine in the past in maintaining their long-distance relationships. And guess what? When they reunited with their partners, they emerged stronger and happier than ever.

And if you're in a long-distance relationship, or if you're facing one in the near future, then this article is for you.

Here are my tips on how to make the time and the distance work FOR you instead of AGAINST you. I call it "creating an unbreakable emotional bond" with you. And, yes, anyone can do it! Here's my first tip:

Communication is EXTREMELY important in any relationship, but it becomes even MORE important in a long-distance relationship.

Since there's little or no physical contact between you, communication becomes the first and foremost way you'll keep your relationship together.

Another reader of mine, JS, wrote to me about a month ago... She complained to me about her unstable long-term relationship with her boyfriend of nine months.

It was hardly smooth -- it was punctuated with arguments, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. Her boyfriend lived away from her, so the lack of physical contact was enough to make her sad, angry, and irritable. (Sound familiar?)

Naturally, these bad feelings were ruining her relationship little by little -- which was why she wrote to me. "We only see each other once every three weeks, Alex, and it's driving me crazy!" JS wrote. "All I want is that he'll invest the same time, energy, and emotions into the relationship as I am. I miss the old days when I had his undivided attention. What should I do?"

As JS and many of you out there know by experience, long-distance relationships are NEVER easy. But guess what? Communication makes it easier -- as long as you're communicating the right words, the right thoughts, and the right feelings to him!

Many of us make the mistake of focusing too much on the distance and the time we spend apart from our boyfriends and husbands.

Naturally, when you focus on the sad and negative things in the relationship, the problems will keep growing! Which leads me to my second tip:

I'll say it again -- focusing on your relationship problems will only make them bigger. That's why I invite you to find the GOOD things in your relationship, no matter how few and far between they may be, and focus on THOSE.

Make the good things grow instead of the bad things! I always encourage my clients and readers to date their boyfriends and husbands at least twice a week. But for long-distance relationships, I suggest you communicate at least 3-4 times a week -- through phone calls and Internet chats (video is good, but only if you smile a lot).

Think of it as virtual dating!

It's fun, and it gives you almost the same amount of opportunity to strengthen your emotional bond as a real date. But, again, remember not to focus on the problems.

Try not to mention the distance, try not to mention the time you've spent apart, and try not to mention the "I miss you" parts too much.

Instead, focus on "happier" things in your relationship... Talk about what you've been doing lately -- have you been learning something fun recently? Did something funny happen at the office last week? What about your boyfriend? What's he been up to? Anything fun going on?

Always bring new things to the discussion! You can also talk about your plans for the future, such as the things you plan to do after he gets home. That way you'll keep focusing on your dreams for the future, instead of your yearnings for the past or the loneliness of the present.

Focus on the good. Focus on the future. That's the key! Speaking of the future...

I've also counseled many women whose long-distance relationships didn't work out, and you know what I found out in all of them? Even if they video-chatted and called their boyfriends often, they made the mistake of focusing on the past and the present too much.

They made the mistake of talking about how they missed the past, or how they found the loneliness unbearable. Some even cried their hearts out whenever they talked to their boyfriends. (Now how do you think a guy would feel if he knew his girlfriend would just cry and complain on their next video chat... and their next... and the one after that?)

So that's my tip -- focus on the future. In fact, don't just focus on it -- CREATE it!

Write down your goals for the relationship and share it with him. Ask him what he thinks. Take note of his thoughts and opinions. Focus on creating a wonderful future for you -- something that he'll look forward to coming back to when he returns!


I know how hard it is to nurture an emotional bond without any physical contact. But trust me -- it's NOT impossible! When you're doing everything right -- when you keep communication lines open, when you focus on the good things, and when you focus on the future -- he WILL love you for it!

77 Secrets of Love ebookBy the way, these aren't ALL my tips on how to handle a long-distance relationship. I have more -- DOZENS more!

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To the happiness you deserve, ~Alexandra Fox

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