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Flirting 101 by Alexandra Fox

How to Flirt...

Flirting with your body language

Do you know how to flirt using your body language? Are your actions conveying the message that you want to convey? Do you know how to let a guy know that you like him without saying a word?77 Secrets of Love ebook

Many women have trouble understanding the importance of their body language and how it can greatly affect their love lives. If you want to master flirting through body language, then this article can be great help to you.


Smiling is such a subtle way of letting a person know that you like him that it's not even considered a flirting move anymore. After all, you don't have to have a crush on someone before you can smile.

When you smile at a guy, it automatically makes you look your best and it gives him the impression that you are approachable and friendly, thus, encouraging him to make a move.

Eye contact.

They say that the eyes are the windows into the soul, so make sure that he gets a peek through yours. When you are talking face to face, make sure that you hold his gaze steadily. If you're feeling bold, make your gaze linger a bit on his face even after the conversation.

Watching his lips as he speaks is another popular flirtatious body language move.

The power of touch.

Occasionally touching him as you talk is also a great non-verbal way of telling him that you're into him.

For instance, if you are doing the talking and you wish to emphasize a point, and then why not gently give his arm a squeeze during the important parts? If you are walking along a beach or even a mall, then why not put your hand on his arm on even his hand so the two of you can walk side by side.

These are merely some of the many ways that you can try to use your body language.

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3 Tips To Get Him Interested In You

77 Secrets of Love ebookHave you ever wondered about women who manage to get guys to do anything for them without being particularly beautiful or elegant?

Are you seeing someone recently but are afraid that he's not attracted enough to you? Do you want to know how to make him long for you day and night?

We all know that guys do not fall in love easily and this is why the ladies need to bump up their games a notch if they want to make a guy fall head over heels. Follow these tips and watch him fall so hard that he'll do anything for you.

Look smashing.

It's no big secret that guys go for good-looking girls. Fortunately, you don't have to look like a Bond girl in order to get the guy of your dreams. The secret to looking great is playing up the attractive asset/s that you already have.

Got killer legs? Then wear those hot Daisy Duke shorts and watch him grovel at your feet. Got lips that will rival those of Angelina Jolie's or Michelle Pfeiffer's? Then perk up that pout with a lip color that flatters you and watch him drool.

Be confident.

Once you know that you look your best, being confident will come easy for you. Guys will do anything for girls who are good-looking and confident. Toss your hair back, strut down that street like a model and smile. You're hot stuff... and you know it!

Keep him guessing.

Playing hard-to-get is also a sure-fire way of getting a man to do anything for you. When he asks you for a next date, coolly tell him that you have to check your schedule first. Let him know that you are leading a fabulous life and he needs to get in line if he wants to be part of it.

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