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How To Be The Most Confident Girl by Alexandra Fox

What type of confidence turns a guy on?

Do you lack confidence when it comes to dating guys?

Do you often feel shy and inferior even though you know you are an attractive and accomplished woman? Is your low self-esteem affecting your love life? Many women fail to see the importance of self-confidence when it comes to dating.77 Secrets of Love ebook

Let's say that you are in a crowded bar. Who are you going to notice first? Is it the guy who is sitting in the corner, safely talking to his buddies or is it the guy who is confidently sitting alone the bar, drinking a cocktail and scanning the room?

Men and women alike are more attracted to confident people.

So if you want to turn Mr. Maybe into Mr. Right, be sure to turn your dating confidence up a notch.

Look and smell good. The best way to become confident is to know that you look your absolute best. This doesn't mean that you should go out and get plastic surgery or spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes. Working out, eating right and getting enough rest before a social event is a sure-fire
way of feeling and looking good.

Before a date or a party, take a luxurious bubble bath or a long shower with some scented soaps or shower gel. Make sure your hair is fragrant and soft. Pick an outfit that flatters your figure and is appropriate for the event.

Use light makeup to bring out your best features. These simple tips will boost your confidence around guys in no time.

Let your inner beauty shine. Now that your outer appearance is taken care of, it's now time to let your inner diva shine through.

Do you have a fantastic sense of humor? Are you the youngest junior partner in your law firm? Do you know how to intelligently analyze books, movies and music? Are you well traveled or well read? Did you graduate on top of your class?

Find what makes you amazing and focus on these things. Even though you don't have to go bragging about your skills and accomplishments, keeping them in the back of your mind will instantly make you feel confident with your date.

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Should You Make Him Wait For Sex?

Is it really okay to make a man wait for sex?

How long should you put it off? When is the right time to take the relationship to the next level?

These are questions that have plagued every woman for decades.

The choice of whether or not to make a guy wait a while before getting more intimate is a subject of longstanding debate.

Truth be told, there are no clear cut rules about making a guy wait for sex. Generally, sex is perfectly fine if you're just out for a casual fling. But when you're in for a more serious relationship – something that spells long-term commitment – it might be best for you to wait around a little.

Men and women view sex in a different way.

For women, sleeping with a man will always have emotions involved. It's not just a physical need. The problem comes up when women assume that men want the same commitment that they do.

It's dangerous to assume that your guy is looking for a serious relationship because he wants to sleep with you. For all you know, he just wants the physical activity without the emotional strings attached to it.

And if you're already emotionally involved and he's not, he's just going to feel the pressure of not being in the same wavelength as you.

If you sleep with a guy too soon, you're at risk of expecting too much from your partner and getting disappointed when he is incapable of following through. When you're not on the same wavelength, you end up being a step further into the relationship, leaving him in the same place he was before you entered the bedroom.

77 Secrets of Love ebookIt's better to make him wait for sex so you're sure that you're going at the same pace. You might also be sending the wrong signals when you sleep with him early into the relationship.

This tends to make him think that you're just out for a casual relationship instead of a serious one.

Making him wait for sex allows you to determine just how stable your relationship is outside the bedroom. You have to establish an emotional bond first before you go about blowing each other's brains out in bed. Both of you have to be involved first – with both parties clear about the actual state of the relationship.

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