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Are You Looking for True Love? by Alexandra Fox

Why do other girls find love and not you?

Do you feel like you will never ever find true love? Have you been in love in the past but it ended bitterly and now you suspect that it may not have been the real thing after all? Are you tired of meeting bachelor after bachelor but still remaining unable to find that true connection?

The truth is that true love is something that eludes many people, yet this doesn't stop us from chasing after it. 77 Secrets of Love ebook

Ever since mankind came into being, love has inspired holidays, songs, dances, books, movies, TV shows and practically everything it can lay its furry, mushy and cuddly hands on.

If you are tired of spending Valentine's eating ice cream in front of the TV alone or giving dirty looks to every couple that passes by, then it may be time to re-fuel your search for true love.

Love yourself

Have you heard the song The Greatest Love of All? If not, then go online and download it now. Sure, it's incredibly corny, but it's the simplest testimony to the importance of self-love. By selflove, we are not referring to vanity or narcissism of course.

The bottom line is: how can you expect another person to love you if you cannot even love yourself? Loving yourself means taking care of yourself by eating the right food, getting enough rest, pumping up your blood with exercise and generally ensuring your well-being.

It means going to the salon for that makeover, relaxing at the spa, spending hours at the bookstore, going on a day-long shopping spree, climbing the Himalayas, learning scuba diving and basically anything in the world that you enjoy and makes you happy.

Loving yourself means enjoying your life to the fullest. No man wants to be with a woman who's completely dependent and always needs to be saved.

Have realistic standards

Many women pattern their idea of true love after harlequin romances or Hollywood movies and this can be detrimental to your love life.

If you are waiting for a George Clooney to come riding towards you in a white horse then there's a big chance that you are going to end up an old maid. Finding true love is not about finding someone who has no imperfections, but loving someone despite their flaws.

If you master these couple of tips, then there's a big chance that true love may come knocking on your door pretty soon. Just be sure to open your eyes enough to recognize it.

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Five Tips That Will Leave Him Wanting More

Flirting With A Guy

Do you know how to flirt with a guy? Do you pay attention to the way you smile, talk or to you body language when you are with him?

Do you want to let your prospect know that you like him without telling him verbally?

Flirting has probably been around ever since mankind started procreating—
meaning, since the beginning of time. It is an act that's so prevalent and powerful that it should be considered an art form itself. If you have butterflies on your stomach every time you see one of your male acquaintances then it may be time to try flirting with him a little.

Here are five tips to help you along.


Flirting is best when it's subtle, and what can be more subtle than a smile? In fact, it's so subtle that it's barely considered flirting at all. Smiling is a way of making of yourself look approachable. Not only does it brighten up your face, but it also gives off the impression that you're friendly and fun.

Eye contact

Eye contact is probably one of the underrated ways of flirting with a guy. This doesn't mean that you should melt him with your stare. Simply hold his gaze while the two of you talk, and you can even let it linger for a few seconds. Don't forget to match it with a smile.


Subtle skin-to-skin contact is also a great way of flirting. Lightly brush his arm or lay your hand momentarily on it as the two of you talk. If you're sitting next to each other, put your hand on his shoulder the next time you get up or sit back down for support (even though you really need it).77 Secrets of Love ebook


This tip is only effective if the two of you are in a crowded bar or in another type of noisy place. As the two of you talk, don't try to yell over the noise to get heard. This will only give him a terrifying glimpse of you as a wife. Instead, keep your voice low and let him come closer to you.

Be natural

Flirting is something that cannot be rehearsed and must come naturally for it to work. Now that you've heard these flirting tips, try to focus on having a good time instead of how to make your next move.

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