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How to Use Flirtatious Body Language by Alexandra Fox

Body Language to Lure Your Man

Do you know how to use body language to express yourself? Are you well-versed with the use of gestures and signals to convey subtle messages to that man you’ve been eyeing on? Do you know how to limit your use of this language to make sure that you send just the right signals to the right guy?

Body language can express volumes. It can emphasize certain messages without the use of words and is, in fact, the subtlest method of getting your way without coming across as too pushy. If you want to reel that hot guy in and avoid sending mixed and confusing signals, you’re going to need to learn how to use of body language properly.

It starts with the eyes77 Secrets of Love ebook

Start flirting using body language by establishing eye contact.

For instance, if you have your eye on a particularly gorgeous guy from across the room, you want to start reeling him in by throwing sidelong glances in his general direction. At some point, he would feel your eyes on him and he’ll meet your gaze. As soon as he does, lower your eyes a bit and smile to yourself like you’re embarrassed that you were caught staring.

On the second try, meet his gaze and add in a small smile into the mix. This will tell him that you’re available and you’re interested. It’s only just a matter of time before he makes a beeline in your direction – if he’s just as intrigued, that is.

Your hand movements

People unconsciously make gestures with their hands that can express certain messages so pay attention to your hand movements when you’re with the man you want to impress. There’s something sensual about hands lightly touching the rim of the glass. Just learn how to strike the balance between sensual and fidgety.


An open posture shows that you’re interested in what the other person has to say. Turn your body in the guy’s direction, slightly lean forward and tilt your head a bit. This will come across as a subtle compliment for the man, making him feel that he’s got your attention.

Just a word of advice, however: if you’re going to use body language, use it within limits. Don’t give out more than you can follow through. There’s nothing worse than leading a man you might not be really interested in into thinking that there can be more to your friendly chat.

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What 95% of Women Never Know

How to Make a Man Want You

Do you know how to create a great first impression that will make a man want you and ask for more?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how some women can make guys go through great lengths to be with them? Is it really about looks? Sure, physical attributes will influence your attractiveness but did you know that reeling that gorgeous guy in takes more than just your looks? Find out more about how to make a man want you in this article.

Beyond looks

77 Secrets of Love ebookBefore you go whining about not being pretty enough, understand that beauty is subjective.

Men are genetically programmed to turn their heads toward a woman who stands out because of her beauty.

They are supposed to appreciate a pretty lady or else, something is terribly wrong with them. But this goes beyond physical attributes.

Get real

Yes, physical appearance matters but more than that, you have to carry yourself well. If you think that you’re not pretty enough, the thought is bound to be reflected in your general appearance and make you look ugly. Most men may fantasize about dating models and cover-girls but they are more drawn to real women – those who are beautiful because they know how to highlight their best assets.

You have to have at least one thing about your whole body that you like. It can be your broad shoulders or your small face. Play up these assets to make sure that the man you like notices. If there’s one thing that you have to know about men, it’s that they tend to be short-sighted when it comes to beauty. They don’t really notice things until they are just under their noses. Make a man want you by showing your attractive side.

But take care to maintain a certain level of mystery.

While it’s a great thing to emphasize on your best assets, it would also be a good idea to leave some for the next date. The thrill of the chase is in the
discovery of new things at every step.

So to make a man want you, flatter your best features but leave some for his extra active imagination and leave him wondering what else do you have up your sleeve.

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