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'Unforgettable Woman' by Alexandra Fox

How To Make A Man Love You Forever

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  • Flirting 101
    Do you know how to flirt using your body language? Are your actions conveying the message that you want to convey?
  • The Commitment Question You Need Answered...
    Your man, being the logical creature he is, will show you his love for you in his actions before he will in words.
  • How to wrap him around your finger
    Are you wondering about what it takes to make a man want you?
  • What do guys prefer in girls?
    Are you wondering why good girls like you spend weekends in the library or in front of the TV while gals who have a wild streak are off living it up with guys?
  • How to flirt with a man
    Body language can express volumes. It can emphasize certain messages without the use of words and is, in fact, the subtlest method of getting your way without coming across as too pushy.
  • How to make him want you
    Would you like to know about the real secret to looking good and getting that gorgeous guy to ask you for a date?
  • How to control your man
    Do you always find yourself doing things you’d rather not do because he said so? In every relationship, there’s always the leader and the follower and power struggles are common.
  • Do nice girls turn guys off?
    When does being nice become a turn off to men? What is it about nice girls that make guys go out the door?
  • How to find true love
    The truth is that true love is something that eludes many people, yet this doesn't stop us from chasing after it.
  • Finding your confidence to attract a man
    Many women fail to see the importance of self-confidence when it comes to dating.
  • Why Men Leave Women
    In fact, we'll be talking about two of the main problems men have with commitment -- and then we'll talk about two things that WE WOMEN do that accidentally drive men away!
  • Romantic Words To Say To A Man You Fancy
    In this article, I'll be giving you three powerful phrases that help build your bond with the man in your life, and also make him more likely to RETURN your love.
  • How To Be A "Cool" Woman
    The bottom line is this -- a "cool" woman knows her way around the dating game.
  • The Unbreakable Emotional Bond
    In this article we'll be talking about something that can happen to any of us -- long-distance relationships.
  • Confessions of a Man
    HOW can I make him fall truly, madly, deeply in love with me? HOW can I be that one special woman he can love forever? HOW can I be that woman who can sweep him off his feet?


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