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'Unforgettable Woman' by Alexandra Fox

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Four Fatal Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away by Alexandra Fox

Are you wondering what women do that turn men off?

Have you ever had a date that you thought went spectacularly only to be disappointed with him not calling you again?

77 Secrets of Love ebookDo you suspect that you may be saying or doing some things that are driving the guys away?

There are a few things that are more disappointing that going out with a great guy, having a great time and then watching him run away because of something that you didn't even realize you were doing. This is why it's important to know what turns guys off so you can avoid them.

Ranting about your exes. If you're on the first couple of dates with a guy, one thing that you should never do is rant about your ex boyfriends—yes, even though you have the right to. Don't share your heartbreak and anger about how Jeff was afraid of commitment or what a control freak Tom was.

This will make your date think that
a) you have serious issues with men
b) you are not over your ex boyfriends
c) you will also bad-mouth him if you break-up.

Being too aggressive. Simply put, men prefer it if they can do the chase. A woman who obviously throws herself at men gives off the impression that she is desperate, or worse, that she has been around.

Talking about marriage and starting a family. If you seriously want to turn a guy off, then mentioning the phrase “settling down” is one of the sure-fire ways to do this. If it's your first date, you wouldn't want to be talking about the names you want to give your children and where you want them to go to
school. This will surely send him running in the opposite direction.

Holding back. Many women make the mistake of thinking that confidence can turn a guy off when in fact, the opposite is true. A dependent and clingy type of gal who hangs on to her man's every word is hardly any guy's idea of a great date.

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What Makes a Woman Attractive - What You Thought Was a Turn-On Can Actually Be a Turnoff

77 Secrets of Love ebookDo you know what really attracts a guy? Have you invested a lot of time, effort and money on makeup, clothes, gym hours and dating books but still had no success when it comes to snagging a guy?

Do you suspect that you might be doing something wrong?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are not alone. Many girls out there actually start out thinking that they know everything there is to know about attracting a guy only to realize that they still don't have a clue.

Look good.

Looks have always played and will always a play a major role when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Regardless of what you hear about inner beauty and all that, most guys (if not all) you ask would tell you they want to be with a cute, pretty or good-looking girl. What you should know is that this doesn't mean you have to look like a Victoria's Secret model to attract the man of your dreams or pile on layer after layer of makeup.

All of us have an attractive asset and the challenge is to highlight this feature. Do you have flawless skin? Then use a bit of bronzer or blush to highlight that fair complexion. Do you have round sparkling eyes? Then stock up on mascara and other eye makeup.

Dress up.

Clothing is another aspect that many girls could learn a thing or two about. If you think that it takes a red leather halter-top and a short skimpy skirt to attract a guy then you have a thing or two to learn.

Sure, you will most likely attract him but for a very different reason (read: one night stand). Your best is to go with an outfit that's comfortable, cute and sexy at the same time. How about that new formfitting trendy blouse you bought paired with your favorite pair of jeans?

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