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What Do Guys Prefer? by Alexandra Fox

What Do Guys Prefer in Girls?

Have you ever lost a potential boyfriend because he doesn't like nice girls?

Are you wondering why good girls like you spend weekends in the library or in front of the TV while gals who have a wild streak are off living it up with guys? Do you want to understand why men seem to prefer naughty over nice? If you are one of the dateless nice girls across the world, then this article may just be able to help you. So, why is it that guys don't like nice girls?77 Secrets of Love ebook

Essentially, there is nothing really wrong with being a nice girl. In fact, many guys prefer to bring
home nice girls to mom and dad and ask their hands in marriage.

However, if the fellows are not exactly lining up around the block for you then chances are you might be doing something wrong.

Chances are you may be being too nice.

Guys don't like nice girls because there is basically a thin line between being a nice girl and being a pushover.

Guys are natural hunters, meaning, they like the thrill of the chase. If they see that you are already putty in their hands during the first few dates then the thrill eventually disappears. How do you avoid this? Be unavailable the next time he asks for a date or be the one to suggest what the two of you are going to do next.

Nice girls also tend to let guys get away with anything—from showing up late on dates to flirting with other girls in their company. You may think that you're being considerate and understanding and that he will eventually see the error in his ways but the opposite is actually true. He is looking for a relationship partner and not a doormat.

Many guys don't like nice girls because they also tend to be uptight and conservative. Let your hair down once in a while and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

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What Makes A Woman Attractive?

Men speak out.

Have you ever wondered what qualities make a woman attractive to men? Do you have what it takes to get that guy interested in you? How much do you know about what attracts men to women like bees to honey? Find out just what it is that would pique his interest. You would be surprised at how different men are from women based on what makes a woman attractive for them.

Getting physical

77 Secrets of Love ebookSimply put, men want pretty ladies. The physical appearance, after all, is the first thing that attracts a man’s attention. Men do not see a lady’s brains or her personality at first glance.

They want to be with a
woman who makes it a point to look good because it strokes their ego when people are throwing second glances at the lady beside them.

But before you complain about your looks or seeming lack thereof, understand that beauty is emanated from within. Inner beauty does matter but I’m talking about the confidence that you’re pretty enough. For men, a woman is prettier when she carries herself well.

Independent women

Contrary to popular belief, men are not necessarily threatened by independent women. In this day and age, ladies who are self-sufficient and ambitious are more intriguing. Men hate it when the women in their lives depend on them too much. It puts too much pressure on them.

Be happy and take charge of your life.

When you’re capable of going through certain tasks on your own, your man appreciates you more for it. When you’re your own person, you stand out and become more attractive.

But there are also times when you should let guys take charge. Being independent does not necessarily mean going into a full-fledged war for gender equality. Sure, you can probably handle your plumbing on your own but it would also be nice if you hollered for help every once in a while. It makes guys feel needed.

One thing that makes a woman attractive is the fact that she can strike a balance between being too self-sufficient and acknowledging that yes, she still needs a man in her life to handle some things for her.

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