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Why Guys Leave by Alexandra Fox

Make A Man Love You Forever

Here's a little confession -- over the past several years, I've counseled and coached THOUSANDS of women who had problems with their love life. And you know what? I think half of the women I've talked to have asked me that one burning question: "Why did he leave me?"

That's a great question, and we'll be talking about it at length in today's newsletter. In fact, we'll be talking about two of the main problems men have with commitment -- and then we'll talk about two things that WE WOMEN do that accidentally drive men away!

Ready? Let's get started with Reason #1. Oh, and feel free to make notes -- the lessons you'll learn in this article are some of the most important you'll ever get!

 One of my clients, RL, once had a boyfriend who seemed to SPACE OUT a lot in their relationship.

It didn't seem to matter what they were doing -- they could be talking, having lunch somewhere, or even when they were making love -- the guy simply lost focus and became listless often.

Later on, after much prodding, RL realized that her boyfriend was actually still obsessing over a past relationship that didn't work out.

It was apparently a great relationship that didn't work out simply because of some stupid mistake -- and he felt really bad about it. Naturally, RL kept trying to help him. He asked him to tell her more about that failed relationship, thinking that talking would help him sort his feelings out.

Unfortunately, RL's persistence backfired on her -- and her boyfriend, tired of the pressure, eventually left her. When a guy hasn't gotten over a past relationship yet, there's very little you can directly do to him that will make him forget it and focus on you. You'll need a much different approach -- something we'll talk about at the end of this article. For now, let's move on to Reason #2:

It's a sad statistic, but 80-90% of the single men you meet aren't ready or willing (or both) to handle a serious relationship.

That's why shortly after the relationship starts, things go downhill and end in a break-up. These men weren't suited to handle a big commitment to begin with!

Men who fall into this category include players and guys who prioritize work over relationships. It's too bad, but there are a lot of single men out there who "could have been" great boyfriends -- it's just that their hearts and minds weren't ready for you at the time!

Again, there's little you can do DIRECTLY to change the minds of these men. Even if you did manage to get them to commit to a relationship with you, it's often only a matter of time before they fall out of love with you. UNLESS, of course, you take the RIGHT approach!

The right approach can awaken the "REAL MAN" in even the most emotionally-unavailable men in the world. I'll talk more about this "right approach" later -- after we talk about two more VERY IMPORTANT reasons why guys leave the women they love. Let's move on to Reason #3:

In the first two reasons, we talked about the two biggest problems that men have about commitment, and how they keep them from staying in a relationship with you, no matter how good you think the relationship may be going.

And if you've noticed, I mentioned in the first two reasons that trying to DIRECTLY change his mind -- such as by trying to make him talk about the problem, or trying to force him to commit to you, or by criticizing, or by arguing, or by begging, or WHATEVER... DOESN'T work!

It's easy to think you're doing the right thing -- after all, the best way to solve a problem is by taking a scientific, logical, step-by-step process to solve it, right?


This is the dating game, after all -- and it's a game that's ruled by love. And love, after all, doesn't follow the rules of logic! When you try to approach your relationship problems in this manner, you're simply taking the focus AWAY from the relationship and putting it ONTO the problem.

And, as I keep saying, what you focus on GROWS! And as the problem keeps getting bigger and bigger, the relationship becomes less and less fun for him.

And when he's in a relationship that's not fun, he'll inevitably start looking for his enjoyment elsewhere. It's often that simple -- which is why I believe this is the biggest reason why so many guys leave the women they love.

So here's my advice -- don't focus on the problem. Focus on the relationship! RL, the client I mentioned in Reason #1, tried to fix it -- but focused too much on the problem. In other words, she tried to fix the relationship in the wrong way.

And it doesn't matter how good your intentions were -- if you try to fix the relationship the wrong way, then bad things happen.

Do you know why he doesn't like talking about the problems in your relationship? It's simply because he's a guy -- and his pride is hinged on the health and happiness of the relationship he's leading.

And when you talk about any problems, you're basically indicating that he's not doing too well of a job!

That's why guys don't like talking about the problems.

And that's why, when you ask them if anything's bothering them, they just say, "Nothing, I'm fine" -- even if they're really troubled.

SO WHAT'S THE RIGHT WAY? Ladies, let's face it -- there are some relationship problems that you can fix, and then there are some you can't.

And sometimes, you really don't have a choice but to let him go. But guess what? That's not really a bad thing! RL, my client, approached me after her boyfriend left her to pursue his ex-girlfriend.

I coached RL through the next five months or so, telling her to stop focusing on the failed break-up and instead focus on OTHER aspects of her life.

I also taught her how to correctly deal with the times when her ex-boyfriend tried to get in touch with her.

And guess what? Five months after the break-up, the guy came back to her! It turned out that he simply needed a bit of closure in his past relationship -- and he simply realized that, after seeing what's "out there," it was RL who he really loved. Aww... how sweet!

77 Secrets of Love ebookNow here's the thing -- the things I taught RL during those five months are the same things I teach ALL my clients and readers.

That's why I put all my lessons into a very special e-book collection, the 77 Secrets To Save Your Relationship, so that my advice could help even MORE women! And it can be yours, too, if you visit my website!

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