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4 Tips To Wrap Him Around Your Finger by Alexandra Fox

Making A Man Want You

4 Tips To Having Him Wrapped Around Your Finger

Are you wondering about what it takes to make a man want you?

Have you tried every perfume / flirting tip / sexy outfit out there but still failed to land Mr. Right? Do you envy women who are not so particularly gorgeous but can seem to have any guy they want? If you answered positive for these questions then you are just one of the many girls who desperately want to know what really grabs a guy's fancy. These four tips are so simple that you will have him wanting you in no time.77 Secrets of Love ebook

Look your best.

It's no big secret that good-looking girls have better chances of attracting guys.

This doesn't mean that you should sign up for plastic surgery or pile on two inches of makeup. All of us are born with at least one beautiful feature—perhaps your sparkling eyes, your pouty lips, your flawless skin, your flat stomach, etc. The key is to play up this asset.

Get him to chase you.

Making yourself too available to a guy is one of the sure-fire ways to not make him want you. Instead, keep him guessing. Tell him you're not free for a date next Friday because you already made plans or let a whole day pass before returning his messages.

Flaunt it.

There is nothing more irresistible to men than a girl who looks good and is not afraid of looking good. Wherever you go, try to carry yourself with confidence. Hold your head up high, throw your shoulders back, and smile. You will instantly look, and feel, a lot better.

Be fun, fun, fun.

One of the most undiscovered secrets when it comes making a guy want you is, well, being one of the guys. At least, sometimes. Guys get turned off by complete girly girls who do nothing else than toss their hair or powder their nose. Unleash your adventurous side and show him you can keep up with him, whether it's surfing, skateboarding or simply running in the rain.

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Does He Like You

3 Clues That Reveal His True Intention

Do you know how to tell if a man likes you? Have you ever felt confused because you feel like he's sending you mixed signals? Do you want to know a sure-fire way of telling if a guy wants to be just friends or he wants to take your relationship to the next level?

77 Secrets of Love ebookIf these questions apply to you, then this
article may be able to help.

Many of you women would surely like to know how to tell if a guy likes you and the signs you should be looking out for may be more simple than you think.

He looks at you a lot.

Guys are actually easier to decode than girls when it comes to the dating game. A girl is likely to play hard-to-get but a guy tends to be more upfront about liking a girl. If he likes what he sees, then he will probably keep on looking. If you catch a guy staring at you and then he suddenly looks away then it's a clear sign that he's interested, unless you have a football growing out of your forehead that is.

He gets touchy.

If he finds reasons to touch you frequently, then you can bet that this guy really likes you. For instance, does he put his arm around you protectively when crossing the street, brushes hair off your face, or squeezes your hand when you say goodbye? These are major signs that he's into you!

He talks to you, and only you.

Guys are not generally verbal creatures so if you notice that he's chatting you up quite frequently then something may be up. For instance, if you are going out in a group but it seems that he's only interested in talking to you then this is a great way to tell that he likes you.

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