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Valentine's Day Planning For Men & Women

How to Have a Great Valentine's Date

Friendly Valentine Turning To Hot Dates

Having someone special in your life that doesn't know how much in love you are with them is one of the most frustrating emotions a person can have. Moving from friends to dating, going beyond being the friendly confidant to that special love of someone's life is the goal of Valentine's Day. After all, you need to know someone before you can date them, right? And who better to date than a friend that you share so much with?

But you need to know how to move from friends to dating for Valentine's Day.

First off, give them a romantic paper greeting card. Inside have a special note that says simply that you care deeply for them and hope that they feel the same way. By saying "Hope you feel the same way I do" in the card you're opening up taking your relationship from friends to people that date without risking too much in the way of rejection.

When the card is received by the one you love, and they accept it and want to date you too, follow the gift with a picture frame and on your first date have a camera ready to take a picture of both of you to put in the picture frame.

I don't recommend overdoing your expression of love with expensive gifts but you may use the attention-getting gift ideas below to advantage.

Valentine Gifts To Get Your Love's Attention

Attention getting Valentine's gifts are due more to the way the gift is given than anything else. Unless you're a multi-millionaire and give cars, trips, houses and very expensive jewelry to your Valentine. These ideas will inspire you to romantic heights whether your love is near or far away.

One: a series of Valentine's Day paper cards that appear for the person at home, work, class, coffee shop, front windshield of car, mailbox and a couple of humorous ecards too will really tell the person how much you love them. In each card be sure to have only a part of the long love message you have written. It's OK to number the cards so your message can be read in proper order.

Two: Get the biggest paper greeting card you can and, after writing inside your message of enduring love, cut the card into large jigsaw shaped pieces. Wrap each part of the card in light tissue paper or Valentine gift wrap. It's OK to also wrap a box of candy, a bouquet of flowers or a piece of jewelry too, as the final gift item.

Three: A balloon bouquet. Surprisingly enough, balloons bouquets rank high as gifts that surprise, after unexpected jewelry and candy, that men and women like to get as a surprise Valentine, and it's easy to add additional small tokens of appreciation to the bouquet. Balloon bouquets also make great long distance love gifts, as they go beyond the regular gift of roses.

Four: A personalized charm bracelet that has, as a charm, your name engraved on it. The bonus to giving a charm bracelet is that additional charms can be follow-up gifts as well.

Five: I hate to say it, but a bouquet of roses is the old standby gift that is always appreciated by women and surprisingly accepted by men. Always be sure to personalize the message. I usually included a place and time to meet for dinner. When I was single. Now I just have the flowers delivered to the restaurant on Valentine's Day and surprise her there with them. Of course, I don't do that every year!

Six: Watch your local newspaper for romantic ideas. Where I live there is a group of singers that you can hire on Valentine's Day to go wherever and sing to the one you love. I did that one Valentine's Day to my love. She was at work and certainly was surprised and several years later this is still talked about as one of the most public displays of romance I've done. And I wasn't even there!

Valentine's Day: Bringing Romance To The Unromantic

Beating yourself up (and maybe your partner too) because of their unromantic appreciation of Valentine's Day is not the way to celebrate. Not at all.

If romance is stale in your relationship one way to re-invigorate the type of love you once shared is by sharing the parts of your lover's life that has become special to them, in your 'apart-ness'. Now then, I'm going to take a big leap here and say that you're reading this because you DO want to bring romance back into your relationship and you need to know a couple of ways how to do it.

You need to pay attention, for a couple of weeks in advance of Valentine's Day, to what the love of your life does with their time. Interests, watching on TV, surfing to on the web, conversations and short stories of interest that you share, these will all be clues to sparking a return to romance. Some people say that a tool-box or cookware is unromantic. To them I say "Hogwash!" 

The rule for a well received gift, one that won't be re-gifted or quickly forgotten, is that the gift should have memorable aspects to it, depending on the person it should be useful, wearable, displayable or doable. If you love a mechanic would a fancy toolbox, with all kinds of drawers and holders and pictures of you inside, not be considered a great romantic gift? I think it would. If the person you love enjoys cooking, would not some fancy cooking pans, and cookbooks make a great gift? Be sure to add bookmarks to your favorite recipes that you want to share too. Maybe even personalize the cookbook by placing on the cover a picture of the both of you.

Romance is all around you. And when you're dealing with someone you consider unromantic, talk a walk in their shows and 'transform' the ordinary into the romantic to make your mark. This is love.

The Valentine Gift Dilemma: Making The Right Gift Choice

Finding the right type of Valentine gift is usually trouble for couples that have just started dating. By this I mean seeing each other exclusively or semi-exclusively (more than friends anyways) for three months or less.

What type of gift ways "I love you" without making a larger promise of commitment that you may not be ready to make?

Safe Valentine's Day gifts include, of course, greeting cards, flowers and candy. Keep the added message to something simple as "You bring joy to me everyday" or "I'm happy to be a part of your life" and end with the "I Love You"" message. Simple and safe. No forward-looking committal.

What type of gift says "I love you" and that you do want to make a larger commitment, after which the next step will be a marriage proposal?

Fancy jewelry, mainly bracelets, pendants and promise rings fit the bill here. And they will put a dent in your wallet too, but what cost is love anyways?

Valentine's Day Dinner Date Rules

Having a dinner date is one of the most popular events on this day. Restaurants are taking reservations and usually by February 6 it's hard to get a table at your favorite place. Call early.

Making this dinner date special requires some forethought. Does the restaurant have a special meal planned? A special dessert? Something that needs to be ordered before you arrive?

I have once surprised my Valentine date with having a bouquet of roses waiting on the table as we are seated. And another time with a bottle of champagne in a wine cooler stand.

There are many ways to add a gift surprise to your Valentine dinner date, it just takes some planning and maybe a quick phone call ahead or a visit. Florists will deliver to restaurants, as will any other gift you can order to complete the surprise. Maitre D's will gladly bring out to your table, at the time of your choosing, the gift you dropped off earlier in the day.

Most of all relax. Romance it attitude as much as planning and gift giving/receiving. Never show impatience, disappointment. Let your smile be your guide and your love will love you back.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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