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How Men Are The Weaker Sex

I heard a great joke once:

"Women are more psychic than men. A woman is always the first to know if you're going to get laid."

You feel me?

Let me ask you a few questions.

Have you ever met an attractive girl somewhere, and wound up having a good conversation... and during the conversation you realized that you'd really like to get this girl's number and go out with her sometime... but the more you talked, the less comfortable and more nervous you became?

Or have you ever been out on a date with a woman, and you could "feel" yourself losing control of the situation? Somehow you realize that she knows how much you want her... and she's becoming less interested the more she figures you out...

You know that feeling when your stomach feels like it just fell out of your body?

Or maybe you're spending some time with a woman that you're interested in at your place or hers. The evening is going well, and the conversation is "nice". You begin wondering how you're going to "make your move", but you just can't figure out how to go from "nice conversation" to "making out". All of a sudden, as you're trying to figure it out, she starts becoming colder and more "friendlike" towards you... and hinting that it's time to wrap up for the evening.

You know that feeling of desperation that just creeps in and takes over your mind when things are COMPLETELY going in the wrong direction?

Now let me ask you an even more intense question...


Don't you HATE it when you feel totally out of control, and have that sneaking suspicion that the woman you're with knows that she's the one behind the wheel? Well, the BAD NEWS is that if you can identify with this idea, then YOU'RE THE ONE who's causing it.

Yep, you read that right.
You're doing it to YOURSELF.
But there is some GOOD NEWS as well.
In fact, it's actually AMAZING news.
The reality of this situation is that because it's YOU that's CAUSING these situations, you can CHANGE them as well. And you can even TURN IT AROUND. You can take the same dynamic that's causing you to LOSE control of these situations and use it to TAKE control of them.

I hope I have your interest. Read on to learn a secret that has taken me several YEARS to figure out.


Generally speaking, men pursue women. Men court, women "play hard to get".

Men may be physically stronger, but just about everything they do with their "strengths" is ultimately centered around attracting a mate.

In other words, when a successful man who has worked hard all his life to become financially successful gets out of his private jet, jumps in his Ferrari, pulls up outside of a luxury hotel, and smiles at the hot 19 year old girl at the valet stand, she smiles back and subconsciously thinks to herself "Amazing that he would go to all that trouble just to get my attention". Yep, even with all of those "trappings" of success, he's STILL the weaker one.

And they BOTH know it. Ouch. Reality therapy.

In "Ideal Fantasy Land", we're all born equal. But here in reality where most of us spend our days, MEN PURSUE WOMEN... and women are in control. Men are, in fact, the WEAKER sex because of it.

Fortunately for us guys, I'm speaking in GENERAL. There are exceptions. And I want YOU to become ONE OF THEM.


I'm fascinated by this particular topic. It's probably because I used to be the POSTER CHILD for the weak, Wussy, ass-kissing guy who wanted women's approval... and I've lived through so many painful situations with women that I should be given an honorary GOLD
MEDAL in the sport.

My guess is that my own weaknesses, insecurities, and failures with women freaked me out and wounded my inner child so badly that I had to become a dating guru just to overcompensate them. My Inner Wussy was on STEROIDS for so many years that I had to take extreme measures to take control back.


The point is that this stuff really fascinates me.

Here's how I see this particular topic

1) Everything that men strive to achieve is somehow connected to attracting a mate (or mates). Underneath it all, attracting women is at the core.

2) Men pursue women. They behave as if a single, attractive woman is a rare and valuable thing that deserves special attention. They carefully take every step as they pursue a woman because they fear that she'll reject them.

3) Men are clearly obsessed with ultimately getting women "into bed". They give away much of their power in the hopes that it will help them "get laid".

4) Men believe that GETTING APPROVAL will ultimately give them a higher chance of HAVING SEX. They think that if they can please a woman and prove that they can provide for a woman, she'll be more likely to be ATTRACTED to them.

5) A man's powerful drive to ultimately have sex is his "Achilles Heel"... it's his greatest weakness... and most men allow it to be used against them.

6) A woman INSTANTLY recognizes one of these men who lives in the FANTASY WORLD that I've just described. And women are NEVER attracted to men who want to hand over their power in exchange for approval.

7) The reality of the situation is that single, attractive women are EVERYWHERE. They're about as rare as Starbucks Coffee, Ford Explorers, and pictures of Pamela Anderson’s nasty bleached hair and fake boobs... and the more you shake yourself out of your fantasy world and act as if what is true IS true, the more successful you'll become.


I'm already getting a little big long-winded here, so let me land the plane for you. If you have been reading and nodding your head all the way along, then it's time for you to TAKE CONTROL of the situation!

First, you need to need to realize that if you keep thinking and behaving this way, you're going to keep exposing and being hurt by your big weakness. The "Achilles Heel" that I mentioned before will continue to be your downfall. Stop thinking and acting weak.

Women NEVER feel ATTRACTION for men who use weakness to get approval. Stop thinking that being "nice" and getting a woman's approval is going to make her feel ATTRACTION for you. It won't. Ever.

Here are a few more tips:
1) Stop living in the illusion that attractive single women are rare.
2) Stop behaving as if she's in control because she controls whether or not you have sex.
3) Start raising your standards, focusing on having a great life, and turning a selective eye to her.
4) Put the entire idea of "the objective is sex" aside for the time being, so she no longer has leverage over you... and take the attitude of "Attractive single women are everywhere, and if this doesn't go anywhere, it's going to take me all of about 30 seconds to meet ten more interesting women"... and even go so far as to CALL HER on any subtle behaviors or communication that say "I'm in control because I control the sex".

This sets up the situation perfectly.

When a woman realizes that she's with a man who isn't controlled by her or the fact that she gets to choose whether or not he has sex with her and he knows how to create and amplify ATTRACTION, she's MUCH more likely to WANT to have sex with him. And if he knows what to do when it's time to "get physical", and it happens in a smooth, comfortable way, he's at least a hundred TIMES more likely to be successful.

Now, this one idea that I've communicated here will take you a LONG, LONG WAY with women. If you really "internalize" it and start LIVING IT, women will respond differently to you.

But there's more.

You also need to have the key skills of making a woman FEEL ATTRACTION with your body language and communication... and taking things to a "physical level" smoothly so a woman enjoys it and even INITIATES it.

If you don't know these two things, then all the confidence, good looks, and financial success in the world will still leave you with the same realization... that you are a member of THE WEAKER SEX. So what's the best way to learn these two key skills... and save yourself YEARS of trial and error like I went through?

You guessed it... my Advanced Dating Techniques CD/DVD series, and my online eBook "Double Your Dating".

It took me YEARS of hard work, studying, reading, going to seminars, getting to know guys who were amazing with women, and TESTING EVERYTHING I LEARNED to get to the GOOD STUFF.

For every fifty things I tried, I found maybe one that was good. The rest were dead ends. Wild goose chases. Time wasters. If you'd like some good examples of things that WON'T WORK to help you attract women, just take a trip to your local bookstore.

Go to the "relationships" section. Pick up ANY book on dating, romance, relationships or sex. Open it to ANY page. Start reading.

You'll find something that is TOTALLY wrong and useless.

The reality is that all the books in the bookstore (and just about everywhere else that teaches guys about women and dating) are created by people who really aren't experienced at all in the area. The ideas SOUND GOOD, but they just aren't practical in the real world. They don't work.

How do I know? Well, as I just mentioned, I tried it ALL. I have tried more crazy, stupid, and "good sounding" ideas than anyone. I actually put it to the test. What I found is that the FOUNDATION of most things that are taught on this topic is completely wrong. In other words, most guys in this world just don't GET IT... and that goes for the ones writing books and teaching as well.

I learned most of what I know and teach THE HARD WAY.

I went out and studied guys who are AMAZING with women. I paid close attention, interviewed them, found out what they believed, and tried everything I learned. And then I took the GOOD STUFF that I learned, condensed it, and put together my products.

I literally designed my programs to be what I would have wanted when I got started. And I'll tell you right now... if I would have had this stuff at the beginning, it would have saved me YEARS of time and hassle, and many thousands of dollars.

Go check them out. I think you'll agree that my eBook and Advanced Series are the best materials in the world on this topic.

Double Your Dating eBook Find out more about the Double Your Dating techniques for meeting and dating women


...and watch it in action, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon,
David D.




(c) Robert Lee, and David DeAngelo Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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