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Take a Chance: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

But you already knew that.

What you don’t know is that the routine you find yourself in is destroying the chances you have to meet that special someone.

Today (or tomorrow) try a new coffee shop, get off the us one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to work.

Change things up and experience the usual things that you otherwise quickly pass by without even noticing them.

For your personal ad headline today give this a try:
“Some people are worth taking a chance on.”

Have a great day!


Will You Have A Date For Halloween?

Yes, I know, Halloween is still a few weeks away… but you have to remember its second only to New Years Eve as a reason to go out and mingle.

Even if you don’t have a date it’s a great reason to dress up and meet new people. You can browse some great costume ideas here.

And take a moment to answer our “1 Question Survey” so we know what the visitors to this blog will be doing Halloween Eve.


Journeys: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Life is a journey.

We not only travel from place to place, we experience life through ever widening eyes seeking the true place that provides comfort and love.

Throughout our days we meet people, we see our environment, we have experiences, good and bad, that shape our view of the world and how we interact within it.

When you find the right person to share life’s journey you experience life to the fullest and you are no longer dealing with the sadness and celebrating the joy alone.

For your personal ad headline today give this a try:
“A little step is the beginning of a long journey.”

Have a great day!


Free Communication Weekend Starts Now!

Today until September 1, all Labor Day Weekend, join and communicate with your matches for free when you send Eh Mail.

Join, be shown your matches and communicate without paying a membership fee.
This is a great weekend to kick-start your online dating adventure and I have a few Eharmony tips for you to really get you started.

1. Post a lot of pictures, head shots, full body shots and with you out and about in your real world life.
2. Answer a lot of questions, this is how possible matches will get to know you better before they message you.
3. Send a lot of messages. Because once the conversation starts you never know where it will lead to!

If you’ve tried Eharmony before without success you’ll want to read my post “The Top Reasons Why Eharmony Hates You”.

Sign-up right now!

Have a great long weekend!
Robert Lee


Eharmony Turns 14!

The year was 2000 when burst onto the dating scene with huge fanfare.

Think of it, an online dating service based on christian values, that wasn’t a “bible club” or some such niche service. Dr. Neil Warren really stirred up the online dating world.

No adult ads or pictures, Eharmony meant to bring single people together (you still can’t join if you’re married) towards one true purpose: marriage.

By and large they have accomplished amazing things and made thousands upon thousand happier doing so.

If you have yet to try Eharmony now is the right time to get started.


New Romance Tour Dates Announced

Netbrides has announced new romance tour dates for the fall. Just visit the website and click on “Tours”.

What is a romance tour?

It’s a travel tour that takes you to meet beautiful women that you have the opportunity to correspond with before you travel. Introductions are made in a no-pressure social setting, unless you’re coming to meet someone special you’ve already been corresponding with.


Tours are professionally guided, you’re not left on your own!

Tours accompanied by two American tour directors
English-speaking, experienced foreign staff
24-hour hospitality and guidance from staff
Courtesy interpreters daily (9a.m.-9p.m. in hotel)
4-star accommodations with single occupancy and private bath
The most tours offered in the industry – hundreds!
We accommodate you! After-Hours Tour Info Line
Ongoing introductions to hundreds of beautiful women!

Find out more.


3 Don’ts For Your Online Dating Profile

It’s easy to get caught up in putting your best face forward and possibly stretching the truth a bit, or making yourself seem more glamorous than you are, when you’re completing your dating profile but there are certain things you shouldn’t do that will otherwise cause a real problem when you finally meet someone that could be “The One”.

DON’T: Shave pounds or add inches. It’s sure to be a turn-off with your first face-to-face meeting.

DON’T: Over-estimate your income level or education. When you’re found out this will only lead to more questions about your honesty.

DON’T: Blame your exes for past relationship failures. It’s better to say that you both decided to go your separate ways and leave it at that. No one wants to date a whiner.

Honesty will showcase your integrity and your suitableness to be someone’s “The One”.

Now go, edit your profile and feel better about finding that special someone.

Aug New Dating Service Review

Posted today is a new review of

You’ll find casual and adult dating with millions of members and thousands in your area.

This is a fast growing dating service that works great on your desktop and mobile devices bringing members that you want to meet just a click away.

Read the full review here.


Keeping It All Together: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

How many people have you met online that turned out to be completely off their rocker?

I mean, it’s easy to be casual and laid-back while exchanging messages but when that face-to-face meting happens are you totally freaked out by the reality of the person?

Yes, it does happen. Yes, there is a way to avoid it from happening too.

Trust your instincts and don’t get talked too agreeably with. If the person is ideal for you, you’ll know it. If they make demands of you, they’re not after a romance with you but only your possessions.

Stand up for yourself and you’ll do well in your online dating adventure.

Try this for your profile and see how dating gets better:
“Question: What is the second thing you’d like to do with me?”

Have a great day!


The Top Reason Eharmony Hates You

You’d think that the top reason eharmony hates you is money: you didn’t buy a membership.
But that’s not it.

Or maybe because you haven’t answered their thousands of questions but that isn’t it either.

Eharmony hates you because you don’t log in regularly. You’re not active enough to put their compatibility match system through its paces and you’re not seeing any of the new matches that are being made for you.

You should be logging in every other day or at least once a week to see new profiles and maybe even message new people.

All of eharmony’s technology goes to waste if you’re not using it.

So grab the bull by the horns, pour yourself a glass of wine and log in right now.

Of course, if you’re not a member you should get started now.


Friday’s Conversation Topics

The weekend is upon us and you’ll be doing your thing, hanging out, partying, whatever.

And you’ll need some things to talk about so this is your conversation cheat sheet.

Man fakes own death to get out of marriage
So, you meet a guy and he’s mister wonderful. You meet his mother and things are great between you. You’ve fallen head over heels and when he proposes you happily say yes. Then, unknown to you, he has second thoughts and plans a way out of the impending nuptials that shocks even this writer: he fakes his own death.

Photographer takes pictures of women having orgasms
A hell of a job, travel, women, sex…. this article features NSFW photos of women turning themselves on to the point of climax, complete with their “OW” face.

Did your pizza arrive OK?
What would you do if you ordered pizza and it was delivered half eaten? I know that I’d freak out, call the newspapers and maybe see a lawyer!

New ‘Walking Dead’ trailer is out
Prepared to be scared in 10 seconds!


Summer Fling: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

August brings the end of summer nearer and these are the final days for you to make your move and still have that summer fling.

How’s your approach?

Are you working the room or staying in the shadows?

Summer flings don’t happen if you’re not showing how interested you are, so step up your game and make that move before Labor Day has come and gone and all you can do is dream about what might have been.

For your dating profile headline today give this a try:
“There’s still time to make this a summer to remember!”

Have a great day!


First Date Jitters: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

We all have them, unless you’re so confident in yourself that it’s a complete turn-off.

So how do you handle first date jitters?

On of the worse things you can do is have a “pre-date drink”. Alcohol may relax you but with the added stress of the first date and all the possibilities you may be more nervously making mistakes that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

The real key is to have the date in familiar territory, but not so familiar that you’re likely to run into an ex or some friends that may intrude.

No one wants that to happen and your date may judge you based on your friends and the first date isn’t when that should happen.

So scout around, find a nice place and do your best to enjoy meeting face-to-face with that person that may become someone special.

For your dating profile headline today give this a try:
“I’m very nervous on first dates so can when we meet it’ll be our second, ok?”

Have a great day!


Mondays: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Is there a tougher day to get things done than a Monday?

I mean, even with 3 or 4 cups of coffee my ass drags through the morning and falls back into the afternoon.

You can turn it around by doing one simple thing:
Log in to your current dating service and send a flirt or a smile to someone.

The hope of future love will help you to be inspired to actually put through some effort and get past the Monday Blues.

And while you’re at it, change your profile headline to this:
“Yesterday was a tough day but today is looking great! Ask me about it.”

Have a great day!


Who Would Love You? Dating Profile Headline of the Day

If your dating adventure seems to be circling the bowl, it’s only normal to question yourself of your “love potential”.

Don’t do that!

Once you start to doubt yourself desperation takes over, your self-worth suffers and who knows what other ways this will effect your life and future.

Instead get out there and mingle. I’m not saying go to a bar but instead find some local weekend events to spend an hour or two being entertained and adventurous.

You never know who might smile back at you!

For your dating profile headline today give this a try:
“One smile, one date, the end of your search for love.”

Have a great day!