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Friday’s Conversation Topics

I hope you’ve had a successful week with your online dating adventure and have a date, or two or three, lined up for the weekend.

To make the experience enjoyable for both of you be prepared with conversation topics so you don’t have any awkward silences.

Being able to switch into a comfortable conversation topic can really save the date so I’m giving you a couple things to talk about.

There’s someone pooping in a park, for the last six months, and the authorities really want to catch him. So an advertising firm helps out with a billboard to raise awareness and possibly wipe this criminal off the green grass of the play park. I’m hoping the original discovery of these crimes were visual and not tactile!

While everyone has an opinion about UFOs and monsters that lurk in the deep I’m quite certain the eventually the myths will be exposed through the increasing surveillance technology provides us in our daily lives. With this thought I bring to you the story of the Loch Ness monster seen, more or less, by Apple Maps satellites. The truth will out, eventually.

There are many definitions of Happiness depending on the mood of the moment. Some things bring instant gratification and others are goals long attained for. Here is an interesting graphic that reveals what makes people happy that have money to spend. So if you have a few coins in your pocket just jingling around then go shopping and bring some happiness into your life.

So now you have a some good things to talk about. Don’t waste the time with awkward silence!


Finding ‘Her” (or ‘Him’): Dating Profile Headline of the Day

It’s not really that hard to be successful in your online dating adventure.

You can meet a lot of people when you put effort into action. And you might even find that someone special.

There are a few tips to share about being noticed more than others that share your general characteristics, because after all, many people treat online dating like shopping at Amazon, scroll through photo after photo, stopping momentarily to briefly scan over what might be an interesting profile.

Many online daters sift through dozens of profiles with each trip to their favorite dating service, so it’s important that you craft a winning profile if you really want to be noticed.

As well you want to be sure that your profile contains a few pictures including a nice headshot, a standing full body shot and, most importantly, no selfies!

And it’s important that you use a headline that get’s the attention you seek so you can meet that special someone. Today give this a try:
“I know I’m HIM. Are you HER?”

Have a great day!


2 Ways To Know You’re Ready: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Without a doubt, I’m sad to report, some people enter the online dating world because of their misguided effort to change their lives.

Not to say that sharing your life is the wrong thing to do but you truly have to be in “that place” in your life where honest sharing of your deepest feelings and your true reality is possible.

If you identify with either of these two things dating may not be what you need to be doing right now.

  • Lonely
  • Angry

Being lonely itself isn’t a bad thing. But if you’re desperately lonely then introducing someone into your life, with romantic intentions, may not be the right move quite yet. You need to first be socialized without the dating aspect that can cause you to feel overly pressured to please someone while you attempt to banish your loneliness.

Being angry, due to some of life’s hard knocks, can also cause you to seek solace with someone in an effort to share your pain. Don’t get me wrong, having someone to listen to you as you try to get past your anger and hurt is good, using a dating partner as your sounding board will only end in more anger, not less.

You need to have a positive outlook and attitude to be successful in finding that someone special to share your life with, anything else will just lead to more disappointment and a continuing cycle of anger in your life.

All that being said, when you’re ready, really ready, you’ll know it. Or you’ll be told that you’re not.

Reflect on where you are and consider what has been holding you back, romantically speaking.

For those of you in that “happy place” yet still single I wish you much success in your dating adventure.

To get started on the fast track to finding the person that will change your life for the better forever try this personal ad headline:
“Ready is ready. Are you ready like I am?”

Have a great day!


My Valentine: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Yes, it is that time of year again.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, just a mere 18 days away.

Will you be on the verge of finding true love or still single and … well, you know what.

The “nay-sayers” say that Valentine’s Day is a marketing nightmare spawned by the chocolate and florist conglomerates that have captured the romantic mindset in a form of blackmail… and that may be so… but to decide not to participate also speaks volumes of your attachment to all things romantic when romance is all around you.

And no matter how you stressed you feel about the run-up to Valentine’s Day, being alone on the 14th has its own particular nightmare scenario that you will do almost anything to avoid, including just shutting off all contact and sleeping in until the morning of the 15th.

But this year can be different and all it takes is one great personal ad profile with an awesome headline that can bring a special someone to check you out and contact you.

So today try this headline and feel free to let me know how it works out for you:
“Just a (guy/girl) for who romance has not yet died”

Have a great day!


Tricked By An Impersonator: Online Dating Scams

This can happen to anyone on any social site, it doesn’t have to be a dating service!

Bad people will use pictures of others to bait you into contacting and possibly meeting them. A picture can be copied from anywhere and reported to any site that wants photos or images. has come under fire recently for such abuses by members and they say that they use special algorithms to detect such image fraud even being sued for $1.5 billon dollars.

Take this story published by as an example and what you need to do when you find out the truth.

“New York man arrested for impersonating dead soldier on dating site”
It was the dead soldier’s sister that notified the police about the image theft and impersonation.

There is a level of trust between people that honesty is the best policy. Those that break this trust will take advantage of those that give this trust willingly.

Remember my Golden Rule: you don’t really know someone until you’re close enough to smell them.


Friday: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Damn I’m happy the last day of the week has arrived and I have two days away from the office to actually spend meeting people of my own choosing.

Not that I haven’t met some great people this week, but none of them are “date worthy” if you know what I mean.

So in the spirit of these regular postings I’m changing my headline and hoping for some immediate responses that will lead to a date or two. I’m not saying what site I’m on because I don’t need any additional “crazies” following me, lol.

So update your headline to this and have a fascinating weekend full of new people and experiences:
“Let’s hope I don’t meet someone else before I meet you!”

Have a great day!


Woman Loses $300,000: Online Dating Scam

As long as people can find love without meeting each other – and have a strong belief that love is what they’re in, then there is the “other side of the fence person” that just wants to rip you off.

Take the recent story of a 66-year-old San Jose divorcee as an extreme, but happening all too often, example. ABC News has all the details and there’s also some good advice about how to recognize the alarm bells that should be going off in your head when you’re falling into the love-spell of a scammer.

I will sum up what you need to know:

  • they seem unaware of current events where you live or tell you they live far away
  • they ask you to contact them outside of the dating service
  • the scammer asks you for money, small amount at first to test you, larger amounts later
  • they may seem “out of sorts” or forgetful about things you’ve talked about (because it’s a second person helping with the scam now talking with you

My Golden Rule of online dating is “It can’t be love until you’re close enough to smell them”.


Hacking Your Online Dating Profile

The big news for today is how one guy hacked to better his odds of finding love online – and it worked!

Chris McKinlay, a professed math geek and programmer, wrote a script, and several fake profiles on to make his efforts of finding love easier. He managed to get 80+ dates in a short amount of time, after months of being unsuccessful prior to creating his bot-dating helpers, and even find true love, popping the question over Skype while his love was working far, far away (this wasn’t a long-distance affair to start with, it should be noted).

You can read the in-depth details on here and maybe be inspired to work a little harder on your own methods.

But using fake profiles and automated systems on is against policy and could get you banned before you find love. You’ve been warned.


When We First Meet: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Is there anything quite like the experience of a first face-to-face meeting with someone you met online?

The excitement tempered with the “hopeless cause”.
The anticipation versus the anxiety.

It’s a real mixed bag of an emotional roller coaster, isn’t it?

But like the many “firsts” that you have in your life, this too will happen and fate will lead you together or break you apart.

Keep my golden rule in mind: “You don’t really know someone until you’re close enough to smell them.”

To get you closer to that first meeting you need to have a profile headline that invites someone to contact you. Today try this:
“When we first meet I’ll be the guy trembling with nervousness.”

Have a great day!


Polar Vortex: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

“Never under estimate Mother Nature.”

How many times has this rule interrupted your otherwise peaceful plans for the day… or changed the outcome of a well planned vacation?

Today there is a “Polar Vortex” headed my way and to put a positive spin on it I’m going to take a selfie (actually I’ll enlist a perfect stranger to take my photo while I’m bundled up yet looking extremely cold outside because selfies are really bad for your online photo album) and I’ll change my dating profile headline to be appropriate to the photo and the weather.

And hope that a nice lady my age invites me for a date that includes a warming brew of coffee or hot chocolate.

My personal ad headline will be (and you can use this too if you like):
“Cold outside, warm inside…. want to share a minute or two of togetherness?”

Keep your profile and photo album fresh and relevant. This makes you interesting and adorable too. Everyone likes “adorable”, it’s rated right up there with “cute’… which despite all the bad press, cute is adorable.


Sugar Fix: Dating Profile Headline of the Day

Writing a headline for your dating profile is either easily done or a real chore.

I want you to think of your headline as an instant look into the type of person you are contained in just a few words.

To achieve this it’s important to focus on one thing that someone else can identify with.

And to invite someone to want to find out more about yourself.

For today I want you to use a sugary treat you enjoy as the subject of your dating profile headline.

Here’s a suggestion:
“We can share my favorite chocolate chip cookies.”

Simple, inviting and maybe will lead to an invitation to join me at my favorite coffee shop for a coffee and a cookie.

Try your own variation and let me know how it works out for you in the comments below.


UP: I’m not the one cooking #christmasdinner http://t….

I’m not the one cooking #christmasdinner


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retweet #ONLINE #DATING The winning message to send when someone checks your profile…


Someone visited your profile: The Next Step

So someone finally visited your profile… that’s great news.

But they didn’t message you… are you not worthy or were they not interested?

Or maybe they just don’t want to speak first.

That happens a lot, more than you’d think.

It doesn’t hurt to be the one to send the first message.

But what do you say?

I’ll make it easy for you, say this (feel free to copy and paste it as is):

Hi, I noticed that you stopped by for a peak at my profile but didn’t send me a message. Just in case you’re shy I thought I’d send you a friendly hello and get the ball rolling.


That was easy and painless…. honest.

I’m sure we share enough in common to at last hold a conversation for a while and I hope you’ll message me back soon.

Hope to hear from you soon.

You can just copy and paste the whole message above and use it as is, or change it up a bit to me more your own style.

The key is to send the message, without commitment or clinginess.

Who knows, this person could become a great friend or the next true love of your life!

Good luck.


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#free ebooks for you