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Men first date

First Dates in the News

The first date is your time to shine. Take some tips from these first date stories.

5 things women notice about men on first date
From your body language to the way to treat the staff of the restaurant to even your nails, your girl is taking a note of all these things. So if you really want to impress her and want a guaranteed second date, then remember these small little things before embarking on the beautiful first date.

Wayne and Wanda: More money, more cheating?
Before a first date, a friend told me, “Show cleavage, don’t talk too much, and don’t tell him how much money you make.” I laughed — and then I didn’t. Was he right? Do men really just want sexy chicks who nod agreeably, giggle adorably and economically fall below them on the pay scale?

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Dating in the News

Our wrap-up of recent dating news stories not to be missed.

In online dating, the good stories are about the losers — not the winners
With online dating, there isn’t much of a story to tell. The really good stories are usually about the dates that go horribly wrong.

3 Tips to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out
Video: Watch and learn, my single friends, watch and learn.

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First Dates in the News

The first date is your time to shine. Take some tips from these first date stories.

‘I fell in love with a prisoner – and then married him’
Unlike the usual “met her while I was inside” story of prisoner’s finding love with someone on the outside, this starts before the sentence is served and shows that you can still keep love alive while your partner does his time.

Rihanna and Karim Benzema dating: Who pays the bill, first-date sex and other dating protocol
First Date Rules: Who pays for the date is the person that makes the invitation and sex is not required to end a first date as a success. There’s more but you’ll need to read it for yourself.

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First Dates in the News

The first date is your time to shine. Take some tips from these first date stories.

Child from previous marriage brings couple closer
Audio story that will pull on your heart-strings and let you believe in love again.

How to Spot a Bot When Dating Online
You don’t just have to worry about online dating scammers, you’re first meeting online could be an automated bot trying to steal your personal information through a series of chats. Read this to be better prepared.

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Signs of a Failing Relationship

How do you know your relationship is headed to a breakup? But more importantly — how do you turn things around and make the relationship last? The answers are all in this ebook, 77 Secrets of Love.
— Alexandra Fox, Author

Tell me if you’ve experienced this before:
Let’s say you met a great new guy, and you took a liking to each other immediately.
Within a few dates, you’re already in constant communication with each other.
You text every morning.

You call every few days. You try to see each other at least once a week.

And then, one very special date, when you feel like it’s time to take the relationship to the next level, you ask him if he’s ready to go steady. And after a few embarrassed moments, he says YES!

What follows is a great first few days of the relationship. You’re ready to scream the fact to the entire world — you’re officially a couple, and you’re well on your way to happily ever after!
…Or so you thought.

Soon after the relationship started, you noticed that he’s not staying in touch as often.

He’s not texting unless you text first.
He doesn’t call as often.
He doesn’t seem as interested in intimacy before.
He isn’t asking you out for as many dates as before — and when you ask him about it, he tells you he’s been busy, or that he’s tired, or other such reasons.

And it seems the harder you try to find out why your relationship is turning sour, the farther and more unreachable he seems to become.

The uncertainty builds up and you ultimately break into an argument — which only leaves things worse than before.

The cycle goes on and on and on, until ultimately the once-great relationship with a once-great man falls apart.

And you’re left there heartbroken, alone, and endlessly wondering what went wrong.

If something like this has happened to you before, then pay close attention to this e-mail!

Why Relationships That Start Out Great Turn Sour Soon After

There are many reasons why relationships fail. And it could be caused by you, by him, or by external factors.

Now if you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, then you probably already know that there are very few issues about him or external factors that you can actually control.

But you have complete power over YOUR OWN issues.
And if you think you don’t have any issues, then try to see if any of the following scenarios apply to you.

#1 – Do you tend to judge a man too easily?
We may think men are easy to figure out.

For instance, since men are visual creatures, it’s easy to think that good looks and great body language is the most powerful way to a man’s heart.

So you try to look as good as you can, expecting a man to love you and commit to you.
Unfortunately, men aren’t that simple.

Men are very complicated creatures!
And if you tend to simplify your judgments about men, you also tend to keep your connection with men at a shallow, skin-deep level.

And, yes, such shallow relationships never last.

#2 – Do you expect your relationships to make you happy?

I’ll admit — we all want our relationships to make us happy.

And we often go great lengths to assure he does his part to make the relationship work.

But unfortunately, this can actually SCARE men off!

Here’s the thing — if you want the relationship to make you happy, then it’s very likely he wants the relationship to make him happy too.

It goes both ways.
But if you don’t realize that he has other ideas regarding a “happy relationship” too, then you might end up telling him about YOUR hopes, YOUR dreams, and YOUR ideas too much.
And that can be suffocating to a man — to the point that he’ll start looking for ways out of the relationship.

Sad but true!

But it gets worse…

Even if he DOES stick around and tries to satisfy your requirements for a happy relationship, you’ll still be on the losing side.

Aside from the fact that you may never be satisfied, you’ll also be left with a man who’s weak, subservient, and ultimately unable to be that “strong male presence” in the relationship that every woman looks for in the first place.

Do you expect your relationships to make you happy?

#3 – Do you try to convince him to love you?
Now THIS is a big mistake that WAY too many women make.
I say again — you CANNOT convince a man to love you.

You CAN’T. No matter what you do.

No amount of begging, pleading, flowers, candy, dinners, or even free sex will make him love you.
Here’s a free tip: For a man to love you, he has to feel that strong, gut-feel, emotional attraction to you in the first place.

Without it, it’s hopeless.
Think about it — if a man you weren’t particularly attracted to began trying to win your affections with gifts, dinners, and other favors? Would it make you more attracted to him?

No, right?
(Besides, if you do, then prepare for a relationship filled with heartache and pain.)

#4 – Do you NOT know what he wants?
Many of us go into a relationship with a clear view of what we want.

We want to be happy.
We want to NOT worry about money.
We want to have fun.

You may have your own expectations for your relationships as well. And that’s a good thing — a long-term plan will up the chances of a successful, fulfilling, long-term relationship with a man.

But did you know what can drastically pull down those chances?

Exactly — not knowing what HE wants!

Men are people too, and they have their own expectations for their relationships.

Now it may be easy to get a picture of what he wants in the relationship.

You can talk about it. You can ask him what he expects. You can compare notes and establish an “emotional gray area” that you can work on. That’s all fine.

But as you probably already know, there are many things that men can’t tell you — even if they tried.

How can you tell what he really wants in a relationship?

And what can you do to make those expectations WORK towards a happier, more fulfilling, long-term relationship with him?

Friends, I’d love to tell you. In fact, I already have in my ebook, 77 Secrets of Love. In 77 Secrets, I’ll be giving you deep, eye-opening insights into the male psychology that will help you get a better idea of how a man thinks.

But even better…

I’ll be giving you some cutting-edge techniques in dating and relationships that will drastically increase your chances of attracting the best possible men into your life — and enter great, lasting, ever-growing relationship with him.
(And I’m pretty sure the free e-books that come with it will help you along, too!)

If you’re interested in checking out the 77 Secrets of Love, you’ll understand what I’m telling you. I guarantee it’s going to be the single best investment you’ll ever make for your love and happiness.

Until then, pay attention to the signs — and make sure your relationship isn’t going the wrong way!
~Alexandra Fox


Am I Being Shallow Or Am I Just Not Settling?

You make her feel like a woman, by being that man!

Have you ever been told you were being “too shallow” when you expressed to someone what you were looking for in a partner? I know I have.

If we say we want our future mate to look a certain way, we get the “shallow” routine from people we talk to. Numerous women I’ve talked to report that they draw similar disdain when they say they want an “intelligent” man. (Hmmm…so why don’t men hear that when they express such a desire for the woman they hope to meet?)

Furthermore, we all know what a woman’s going to hear if she says she hopes for a mate who is financially successful. My educated guess is it’s probably something similar to what a guy hears when he talks about what kind of body his future mate should have.

So is there anything to this accusation of “being shallow” as single people in particular so often hear? Should we all “lighten up” on potential dates? After all…what we are hoping and dreaming of is a bit unreasonable, isn’t it?

My answer is unequivocally NOT. If
refusing to settle for any less than the mate I am going to be thrilled to be with is “shallow”, than I’m a “kiddie pool” among men. You’d better believe it. After all, I plan to spend the rest of my life with this woman, so why should I “settle” for half-hearted unfulfillment of broken dreams?

My personal pet
peeve is when someone tells me, “You shouldn’t be so ‘picky’. After all—you aren’t perfect.”


And who is perfect, for that matter? I happen to believe that people who are “perfect”, whoever they are, must have a really hard time finding someone to date. After all, who is good enough for someone who is perfect? Kind of an ironic twist, isn’t it?

My opinion is that we tend to be attracted to people who look a lot like us, have the same values as we do, and share other similar things—like a sense of humor, for example. My girlfriend (and “podcast princess”) Emily disagrees. She thinks people tend to go for someone who is a lot different than they are. You know, the old “we complete each other” bit.

Well, here it is:
it really doesn’t matter which one of us has it figured out. Neither situation involves someone going after a “perfect” person, does it? Whether I want to find someone who is a lot like me or who “completes” me she’s not a Barbie doll.

When we’re considering who it is that we want to spend the rest of our life with out of the six billion souls on Planet Earth, I hereby declare that each and every one of us has every right to consider very diligently exactly who that person should be and which traits he or she should have. In fact, I highly recommend you do so.

And once you do that, make sure you are the kind of mate who is going to make that person equally thrilled to spend a lifetime with you. Deserve what you want.

Scot McKay's dating strategies for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the ULTIMATE relationship are found here.


Dating in the News

Our wrap-up of recent dating news stories not to be missed.

Tinder working on video dating features
Video for users will be rolled out soon in the Tinder app allowing a more interactive experience for members of the side-scrolling dating app.

Dating Makes Me Sick
One guy’s experience with the unnerving experience of dating. Vomiting on a date is not a good thing!

Aziz Ansari on online dating: ‘It’s like a second job’
Finding love online is a real adventure in itself, with so many sites to choose from and a lot of unexpected results.

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Dating in the News

Our wrap-up of recent dating news stories not to be missed.

‘Single Again’ Shane Warne Confirms His Presence On Dating App
The Shane Warne, 43 years old, once engaged to British actress Elizabeth Hurley told The Times Magazine that he had been on a couple of dates after downloading the dating app Tinder.

Getting on and still getting it on: a guide to older singles, dating and sex
According to the 2011 US census figures there are about 385,000 more unattached women than unattached men aged 55-74 – about 915,000 women compared to 528,000 men. That’s a huge pool of older singles and many are enjoying having the online arena to bring help them meet.

10 Things You Need To Know About Dating A California Girl, Because What You’ve Seen On TV Is Hella Wrong
The things every guy needs to know to not fall into the stereotype of expectations about dating a California girl.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Shirts

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When He Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

How to change the relationship for the better, and find the right ways to get a guy that really is a catch.

A lot of relationships with guys start off with being friends, sharing life's secrets and getting closer to the point of being boyfriend and girlfriend in every way but the commitment.

Becoming "best friends" with a guy allows for a real closeness but there is the ever-present danger of creating the relationship atmosphere that does not allow the relationship to move beyond being close friends.

If the guy won't commit, you end up being the person he relies on to be with him with no commitment needed, a "friends with benefits" type relationship whether sex is included or not.

I have seen many times these types of relationships fail and end in heartache for the woman because the guy said to her what he wanted, which was no relationship but to just be friends (and the unsaid fact that he's just waiting for Ms. Right to come along and you're not her) and she hung on in a desperate attempt to get him to change his position about the relationship.

If you want to "Catch Him" you have to allow yourself to be not taken advantage of.

Bringing some "space" into the relationship, by not being there every time he needs a shoulder to cry on, or feels horny and wants to make out, then you give the relationship you did have time to find it's own path.

You have to allow this "being unavailable time" to give him time to decide how important you are in his life so that you yourself can better understand where the both of you are going.

Catching Him
is all a part of finding out if he is "good enough" for you to catch and want.

Wanting a guy and catching a guy are two intertwined but distinctly different emotions and actions that you have to allow to lead you, emotionally, into the real relationship you want. But lead the emotions don't let them lead you.

Innermost feelings of attraction and love are hard to master to your command, and you shouldn't let that be your goal, but rather understanding how these emotions affect your actions and reactions to the men around you.

You can't change him, not at first… and if he rejects attempts to move the relationship past where it is, your answer has been provided. He's not the catch you thought he is.

What you'll learn from reading the ebook "Catch Him & Keep Him" is how to handle the situation above and, more importantly, how to recognize this type of relationship before you invest a lot of yourself into it. You can download it now and be reading in a few minutes here.


First Dates in the News

The first date is your time to shine. Take some tips from these first date news stories.

23 Tips To Blow Away 1st Date Stress!
dating should be fun! But the first date is nervous for everyone. Review these 23 questions and be prepared to make your date great!

Taking the pressure off that first date
Yes, you want to be in a relationship. And the first date is that first step towards having one. But are you making it too hard on yourself. Yes you are!

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Dating in the News

Our wrap-up of recent dating news stories not to be missed.

Why It’s OK to Have Expectations in Dating
Reasons why, if you’re not expecting the best with your dating experience, you’re sure to fail!

Aziz Ansari Explains Everything That’s Wrong With Texting While Dating
Reasons to not text a lot when first dating. You need to read this for the first two months towards a great dating experience.

Should Dating Apps Help Promote Safe Sex?
With the rise of easier dating connections STDs are on the rise. Should a dating app require more information about you?

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First Dates in the News

The first date is your time to shine. Take some tips from these first date stories.

Just Engaged: His Love Was Right On Time
One couple’s story, from first date to engagement.

They Both Liked What They Saw
From online profile to the first date and beyond, this couple makes it work.

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Dating in the News

Our wrap-up of recent dating news stories not to be missed.

Meat your perfect match: Artists create bizarre robot that right swipes EVERYONE on Tinder using a piece of meat
Yup, you read that right. Video included.

Adventures In Dating—Spotlight On Fetster
Definitely not your mother’s dating service. Unless she’s into “pegging”.

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Dating in the News

Our wrap-up of recent dating news stories not to be missed.

AdultFriendFinder Hacked, FireEye To Investigate Online Dating Website’s Security Breach
4 million or so profiles of members has been stolen from AdultFriendfinder exposing profiles that are now being sold online. Also read “Recent Breaches a Boon to Extortionists“.

Women over 50 most Common Victims of Online Romance Scams
If you’re in this bracket you need to know how to defend yourself against these “love scammers”.

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