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December 5, 2011


The Christmas Pick-up

Even Teddy knows what to do!

Even Teddy knows what to do!

You have your list, you’ve checked your budget twice.

Now you’re at the mall, alone, and have the job of a lifetime ahead of you: selecting gifts while picking up women. In a nutshell you’ll be looking for single women shoppers that catch you’re interest and like any good plan you have to have a pick-up line, or two, that will be your introduction and segue into treating her for a coffee date for her helping you.

Your pick-up lines:
1) “Hi, can you help me? I’m looking for a gift for my sister’s boyfriend. Gifts have to be under $20.00 and I think he’s into collecting socks to wear to work. And my name is Robert, what’s yours?”
2) “Hello, your holiday shopping is seems like it’s in order, can you spare and idea or two? My great aunt is joining us this year for Christmas and I want to get her a gift but i can’t think what does someone in their 90’s need? I’ really appreciate a couple of ideas if you can help me out. My name’s Robert, what is your name?”
3) “Wow, look at all these toys, I haven’t heard of most of them. Can you spare an idea or two to help me find a fun gift for my 6 year old nephew. By the way, my name’s Robert, what’s yours?”

The lines above contain all of the needed structure that will give you a very good “in” for the beginning of not only introducing yourself to a prospect but also describing in just enough detail a request for help that makes it seem to not be a cheesy pick-up line but a sincere plea for help from a nice guy that is genuinely out of his comfort zone: shopping for gifts.

Of course you’ll need to customize the lines and add a few ones to better match your gift buying list, the “recipients” and for your personality but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Keep the cost of the items low, $20.00 or so, again depending on your budget and needed gifts. The single women will be looking for something for a friends or family members children, so think toys, puzzles and games, those departments and stores ofer the best opportunities as well as being helpful to separate the single women from the others.

After you’ve been helped by her ask her if you can by her a coffee, now or later. And get her phone number or email address so you can set something up for another time.

If you do successfully get a date be sure to buy the gift, even if your recipient is imaginary and give the toy to a local children’s Christmas toy drive in your community. Create for yourself some good karma. This way you can reveal the lie to her, if it ever comes up, that you did indeed use a pick-up line on her and at the very least one child this Christmas will open a gift that you are both responsible for, sweet isn’t it?

I’ve done my part, now it’s all up to you brother.
Good luck,

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