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March 9, 2011


matchTalk: March Marathon

In this part of our March Marathon we’re going to take a closer look at a feature that is only available if you subscribe for it: matchTalk. describes their service like this:
Talk, but keep your phone number confidential with matchTalk. Along with our many subscriber benefits, you can now accept matchTalk requests absolutely free. Get these subscriber benefits:
• Send and receive emails
• See who’s viewed your profile
• Manage your connections
• Flirt instantly via Instant Messaging



What this feature is, in a nutshell, is anonymous phone calling. Your number and any other caller ID information is not passed along when you make a call to another member. You are given a special number to dial into using your regular (land-line or cell) phone from which you call the other member in your matchTalk phonebook.

Your private information is hidden by the system and it’s easy to stop someone from contacting you, all you have to do is remove their details from your matchTalk phonebook.

Anonymous phone calling services have been around for years and now come in a variety of formats and feature-sets. matchTalk used to be a fee-based service but now it’s available for free as an added feature to the premium subscriber membership.

Join now and receive a 7 day free trial membership because this feature is only for premium (subscribed) members.