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Raise Your Woman Expectations!

Raise Your Woman Expectations!

Do you just pray you can find someone who has some stuff in common with you and someone you find at least somewhat attractive?

When you think about what kind of woman you want to find, or what kind of relationship you’d like to cultivate with someone, what do you envision?

Do you hope to just “find someone nice”?

Do you just pray you can find someone who has some stuff in common with you and someone you find at least somewhat attractive? At what level are you woman expectations? Do you feel like you’re overreaching to hope (and especially to expect) to find someone who blows you away?

Have you had people tell you that you are “too picky” or that you want too much?

If any of this sounds like you, then I want you to devour every word of this article… …cause I'm going to tell you RIGHT NOW why you need to raise your woman expectations. I write all the time about ways to go out and meet someone.

I am always talking about breaking through fears, getting over rejection and how to present yourself confidently in every situation. Why do I discuss all this? And why are these all things about which you want to learn? We talk and learn about all this because we want to meet someone who absolutely blows us away.

The real reason why we spend so much time and energy working on ourselves and our inner confidence is so we can learn how to love ourselves (by understanding who we truly are and what we’re truly all about). We do this so that one day all of a sudden out of left field we will meet someone who absolutely captivates our mind. We don’t do all this work on ourselves so we can remain alone.

The whole reason we do all this is so we can meet the most amazing person we’ve ever met. We spend such a considerable amount of time getting to know ourselves so that we can appreciate when magic happens with a most amazing person, and so we will go with it and embrace it.

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So let's talk about this most amazing person.

This most amazing person is someone about whom we spend entire days thinking. We are anxious for each phone conversation with them. We eagerly await every text message from them.

You know what the most amazing feeling is that you can experience? It is the smile you have on your face every single time you learn something new about someone.

It is equally amazing to find someone with whom you easily stay present and on the same page. I may be using the word “amazing” too much, but when you meet someone who just blows you away it is really difficult to accurately describe in words the emotions that creates inside of you. Those emotions – that warmth you feel inside – are a combination of so many things.

It's the anticipation of seeing that person again. It's waking up in the morning with a smile on your face as that person pops into your mind. It could be remembering that certain little thing they said to you that day (or even days before that).

It might be remembering a lingering kiss you shared with them – a kiss you feel like you can still taste on your lips hours or even days after the kiss has ended. It doesn’t matter what the specific things are that engender this feeling within you. There is no doubt, though, that we all desire to experience this kind of feeling.

That kind of feeling is created when every moment you are getting to know someone becomes a special moment for you.

You eagerly await each phone conversation, because every new thing you learn about that person becomes one more reason why you like them and makes you like them even more. As incredible as it feels to experience this depth of emotion about someone, it is perhaps an even better one to wake up in the morning knowing this person is out there thinking you are equally as fascinating, and amazing.

That person also waits eagerly for each phone conversation with you. That person also wakes up smiling as you pop into their head. Life is about experiencing this kind of magic. Most of us don’t spend enough time experiencing this kind of magic (and some miss experiencing it all together) because we are so afraid of experiencing it. Think about this.

What is the point of doing all this work on ourselves unless we are willing to share ourselves with someone else?

Sharing your thoughts, feelings and emotions with another person is truly the greatest high you can experience. There is no greater feeling. There is no drug or type of alcohol that produces a high as intense and incredible as being truly emotionally, physically and spiritually connected with someone. When is the last time you kissed someone and that kiss was so intoxicating that you were lost in that moment long after the kiss ended? Even after you said goodnight and parted company with that person, you craved and wanted more of every part of them. You craved and wanted to hear more of their voice.

You craved and wanted to feel more of their lips. You craved and wanted to touch them more, and to feel more of their touch on your skin. When was the last time you experienced raw passion and lust? When was the last time you drove someone home after a soul shattering kiss and literally felt drunk, so much so that you worried that if a cop pulled you over you would be convicted of DUK (driving under the influence of kissing)? This DUK feeling is precisely how you want to feel when you're with someone.

How about the person you wish you were still talking to even after you've just returned from taking them home? Every time you hang up from talking on the phone to that person you wish you could immediately call them again. You constantly want more of that person and feel like you could never get enough of them. What about the person with whom you have sex for the first time and it is so natural that you never think about it being your first time together?

As we all know, the first time you have sex with someone it rarely feels exactly right because you don’t know their body well enough yet and you think about it a little too much.

So if you meet someone and the very first time you have sex with them it feels so completely natural and like you already have learned each other's bodies, that is what makes you feel as though you are meant to be with that person.

You feel like your bodies communicate perfectly with each other without either of you having to speak. Your bodies communicate with each other so deeply and intensely that you can still feel their energy inside you all throughout the next day. You anxiously anticipate the next time you will have sex with them because deep in your soul you know your connection with them will be better, more intense and more amazing. We spend our lives working on ourselves so we can experience these kind of deep and intense emotions. We do it so we can feel that drunk-like intoxicating soul connection when you have sex. We do it so we can feel comfort and a true sense of peace. That’s the best way to describe how it feels when you truly make love to somebody – it’s a sensation of peace. You completely stop thinking and solely are connecting with that person.

Your bodies just move. You get lost in the touches, the kisses and the entire experience. If you think about it, that is what we are looking for in the best sexual connections: the ability to become totally and effortlessly lost in each other. Life has its ups and its downs, so why not search for someone with whom you share this kind of intense emotional, physical and spiritual connection?

A connection that has you excited for every phone conversation, every kiss, every little touch – so much so that you feel you can never absorb enough of that person.

Imagine falling asleep every night with the last thoughts in your mind being a yearning for more and more of every part of someone. Imagine wanting to know more about them, wanting to taste more of them, wanting to devour every word they say, and wanting to know their every thought and emotion.

This is what magic feels like, what life is truly all about, and what we all should aspire to find.

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