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Dating Tips and Relationship Books For Men

Selected books for men

Robert Lee, Editor, Reviewer  and Webmaster of aLoveLinksPlus.comI have specially selected these ebooks for you to download and read

Robert Lee (the guy on the left, editor of has listed his best choices for relationship and dating advice ebooks for men that are in a standard 'pdf' ebook format so you can download to your computer, Kindle, e-reader, iPad and/or Android device and start reading within a couple of minutes.

Add These to Your Reading List Today

"Revolutionary Sex"

Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

"The anticipation of great sex is one of the most stressful activities you can be involved in, prepartion and mastery is the key and I help guys to be great in bed" - Alex Allman.

When you understand sex you'll have a tough time keeping her hand soff you!

Revolutionary Sex is all about how to grow your relationship in and out of the bedroom! Especially in... finding all her "hot spots" and you'll always be the first guy she calls when she's "lonely".


Double Your Dating

Double Your Dating 20% Discount

The Double Your Dating ebook will show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you be more successful with women and dating and you don't have to be rich or handsome to do it... Did you know that there are five different things you can do that will INSTANTLY get a woman aroused to the point where she's almost PARALYZED from being so turned on? It took me over three years to find these five things but your woman will be thrilled that you know them.


5 Shocking Myths About The Female Orgasm by Gabrielle Moore

More Than 179 Proven Techniques To Give ANY Woman Multiple Orgasms!

Free signup required to download this free ebook for men.


Flirt Mastery For Men

Flirt Mastery Free Ebook

How to flirt and create hypnotic conversations with women. Flirting is nothing more than a mating ritual...

Complimenting women, dressing to impress, and spouting off cheesy pick-up lines are just some of the tactics devised to attract a mate, but how much do we really know about the art of flirting?


How To Catch A Cougar

How To Catch A Cougar ebook

Are you interested in dating older women? You MUST read this free guide. "How To Date A Cougar" takes you step-by-step through meeting and dating older women "cougars" and right up to holding onto her in a long, intimate relationship.


Facebook Pickup Method

Facebook Pickup Method Free Ebook

This is the guide that has received so much internet buzz on blogs and ebook review websites. Learn the tips to pickup any woman using the social network of your choice, as written by Derek Lamont

Get ready to date all the great women you know online. You can turn your online profile into a seduction machine with just a few tips and changes!


How To Keep Romance Alive & The Fireworks Exploding

How To Keep Romance Alive

We live in the real world and when help is offered all I can hope is that you are strong enough, and confident enough, to know when you need help to get your relationship back online. Download this ebook now... I am wishing the best for you.


How Nice Guys Can Get The Girl Of Their Dreams

How Nice Guys Can Get The Girl Of Their Dreams

You have been in love...
You have been great friends with the women you know...
You have been a consoling shoulder when she needed to talk...
You have been her great friend, being told all her secrets...
You've been a SUCKER as she mistook you for a friend instead of a guy that wants to date her.

All this will change after you've read "How Nice Guys Can Get The Girl Of Their Dreams"


How To Dump Your Girlfriend

How To Dump Your Girlfriend ebook

Free ebook written by Robert Lee, editor of

10 reasons why you need to dump your girlfriend and other great excuses for breaking up!


20 Cheap Date Ideas

20 Cheap Date Ideas

Written by Robert Lee, editor of

This free date ebook has great ideas to inspire you to great dates without spending  dime!! From romantic places to activities you might have overlooked, you'll find new inspiration when asking her/him out for a date and an near-empty wallet.


100 Sex Games For Couples

100 Sex Games For Couples ebook

What about the games themselves? Actually, I was surprised to find there were only 33 sex games in the book. Instead, the other 67 games are variations of the original 33 games, changing the rules of the games to create different versions. While this was a little disappointing at first, after reading the book, I became quite excited to try many of the games myself. There is more than enough in there to keep things exciting for a long time. And of course, some games will keep you entertained longer than others.
You'll find exciting games such as: a guessing game (one of my personal favorites), a night of passion that starts elsewhere, a game where stories become your drive for pleasure, a card game with a twist, a great game to choose your bedroom clothing, and many others involving food, communicating, touching and sharing intimate moments.


How To Succeed At Speed Dating and Enjoy It

How To Succeed At Speed Dating and Enjoy It - free ebook

This free ebook walks the reader through the speed dating course and provides the reader with a solid understanding of the various types of speed dating, how to go about speed dating and what to expect.

Great tips for men and women considering speed dating.


The Women Men Adore

The Women Men Adore ebook

 "How to Captivate a Man, Make Him Fall in Love with You -- and Give You the World!" The secret to understanding men -- and using it to your advantage by Bob Grant, L.P.C. - "The Relationship Doctor"


A Start-up Guide To Dating Mastery

By Neil Ward. A dating advice guide from one of the Worlds leading dating coaches. Download now if you are looking to meet the woman of your dreams, go on more dates and learn the little known dating secrets that most men will never know about women and dating.


The Dating Black Book

Do you want to stop shooting in the dark with your dating and finally get some understanding of women? Some real tangible results? It's tempting to wing it. It really is. Some guys think that they'll "Figure women out" when they get to a certain point, except that point never comes. Different women seem to want different things. (Or maybe they're the same things?)

THE DATING BLACK BOOK breaks this strategy down in its entirety, from preparing to meeting to passing their tests. It's the most complete strategy out there.


She's Yours For The Taking

"She's Yours For the Taking" High Status male ebook

The central focus of Mike Pilinski's new book "She's Yours For The Taking" is a collection of strategies designed to lure women into your world by feeding them all the proper romantic signals they crave at every step along the way. Once women begin to get the idea that you understand the game on their terms -- worlds of possibly will begin to open up for you.


1000 Questions for Couples

1000 Questions for Couples

Are you among the 17% that have a hard time asking the important questions?

Learn how to ask the tough questions that can make or break your next relationship.

Questions for Couples:
Have you ever hit someone you dated/married? Is there anything sexually you would not do? How much should someone give to church/charity?
The Hard Questions:
Do you want to ask the person you are dating about their sexual past, how much money they earn or other difficult questions but don't know how? Here is a way to do so without offending them at all.


Red Hot Love Relationships

Red Hot Love Relationships ebook

Exciting news for anyone who wants more love, passion, intimacy and connection in their relationship...

Whether you're 18 or 80 and you want more love, passion and excitement in your relationship, then pick up a copy of Susie and Otto Collins' new book- "Red Hot Love Relationships."

This breakthrough new book gives you 77 skills, ideas and strategies that will help you create the incredible intimacy, passion and connection you really want in your relationship.


Guy Gets Girl

Guy Gets Girl Ebook

Makeovers for Men?
Image is no longer solely a concern for women. Today's man is taking it upon himself to make a concerted effort to look - and feel - his best! This has never been more apparent than in today's singles scene - where competition for the ladies is at an all-time high, and women are demanding more from their suitors. "Forget vanity - we're looking for a man who just cares enough about his appearance to stimulate our sex drive," says Tiffany Taylor, author of The Single Man's Guide to Great Women.

The Single Man's Guide to Great Women also teaches men how to exude confidence, flirt with flair, and tame wild women into serene seductresses clamoring for your undivided attention. Taylor believes it's time men had the upper hand at dating = and this time, we agree!


The Secret of Dating a Girl in 5 Minutes

Have you ever been troubled by the fact that you are not getting any dates? Well, now you need not worry because in this book, you will learn:
- The different types of girls - Factors to prepare and consider when you ask a girl out
- The right time to ask her out
- The common mistakes guys make when asking a girl out
- How to make your first impression counts and much more.


Learn How To Be Irresistible To Women

What To Do If You Are Stuck In Infatuation (OOO Relationships author Matthew Whiting)

Matthew Whiting is a professional writer specializing in dating and relationship advice. He has extensive experience in training men
to maximize their seduction potential and ability to interact with women successfully. He is considered by many to be an expert in
his field with his frank and forthright approach. He is best known for his work in "How to Be Irresistible to Women," which is part of
the 000Relationships network.


500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets

By Michael Webb [ More Passion & Intimacy with Great Sex from Oprah's Romance Expert ]

You can learn more by reading this material than it takes most people dozens of years (and often dozens of partners) to learn. You can read it in the privacy of your own home or office. Best of all, 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets was written by a relationship expert who knows that just because it feels good or is exciting doesn't means it is good for you. It is advice you can trust completely.


Conversation King by Rachel Davis

Conversation King

You Walk Up To The Girl Of Your Dreams...
Within 5 Minutes Of Talking To Her...
She's Smiling Because You Have Her Number And She's Going On A Date With You Tonight!


Make Women Laugh

About the author:
Martin Merrill is the author of the popular eBook Make Women Laugh How To Make Any Woman Laugh At Any Time, And Place, Any Way You Want As They Fall In Love With You.


Bring Back The Love Of Your Life

How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over A Rival & Win Over The One You Love!

by Cucan Pemo Author of 'Retrieve A Lover'

Is There A Special Person Whom You Love Like No Other?
You can bring affection, warmth, laughter and love back into your life! Amazing ebook "Bring Back The Love of Your
Life - A Potent 4-Step Strategy!" will end your loneliness
and ensure happiness.


About Online Dating

51 safety tips and advice for women and men you won't find anywhere else. Discover Pros And Cons Of 'Online Dating' and save a lot of time for yourself with your money, you will learn from experience of failed people and special tips, signal to avoid any risk.


How To Attract Women Right Away

Some people seem to find attracting women so easy. They behave in a way that gets them any women they desire, whatever the situation. It seems like whatever they go through with women, they end up attracting them. Women love them, and men envy them. In this book, you will learn the secrets to becoming a naturally attractive man.


How To Text A Girl You Like

Dating advice on how to text girls back after getting their number. How to get a girl to go on a date right away over SMS.



An ebook is a book in electronic form that you can read right now on your computer in the privacy of your own home or office. No weirdly packaged parcels arriving at your door. No weird statements on your credit card to deal with. Private and confidential is how you receive ebooks because it's so fast and convenient, downloaded directly to your computer, almost with the simplicity of email. No snoopy sales clerks watching what you're buying!

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The Flirt Playbook

The art of seductive flirting: The world's step by step system on engaging women in fun, natural, sexy conversations and getting them to fall in love with you.