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The Top 5 Gifts You Can Give Your Lover This Holiday Season

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We tend to connect Christmas with gift-giving, but when it comes to your lover, diamonds and other expensive gifts aren't necessarily the best presents.

If you truly want to build up your relationship and show your girlfriend or wife how much she means to you, you don't actually have to spend lots of dough.

Just give her these five great gifts that say you treasure her more than anything. Your relationship will be sure to last longer, and prosper more:

1. Tell Her You Need Her.
 As I mention on my blog, telling a woman you need her is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Your girlfriend NEEDS to feel valued: she needs to know that of the 3 billion women in the world, SHE is the one you choose. Stuff like destiny and fate really turns women on, as does the unlikelihood of meeting. Tell your girlfriend how amazing it is that you met, how lucky and grateful you are that your lives crossed paths, and you relationship is sure to flourish. As long as there is an appreciation for each other, you'll never have to worry about losing the one you care about. And more importantly, things between the two of you will be better than ever. Just tell her you need her.

2. Go Somewhere Romantic.
 Don't think that gifts are the only way to please your girlfriend. In fact, a night out, where you can talk, share, and express your love for each other, is really a great way to build up your relationship. Take her somewhere festive yet romantic, a nice dinner spot that's full of holiday decorations and music.

3. Have a Private Holiday Celebration.
 Conversely, it can be just as effective to have a private dinner with your lover. Make her a special dinner, play some upbeat holiday songs, and drink quality wine (no beer or mixed drinks...not so romantic!). Make it a surprise and she'll really appreciate your efforts. If you can get your friends involved and have them bring your lover to your place, only to show her a surprise romantic dinner. This is one surefire way of creating newfound romance and strengthening your relationship. It's also a fantastic way to enjoy the holiday season together.

4. Spend Quality Time with Her.
 Even something as simple as spending a quality evening or day together will make your relationship sizzle. Take her out for a romantic drive, ice skating, or just for a stroll through the park. Talk about how much you value her and love having her around during the holiday season. Do things together that you've always talked about doing, whether it's a trip somewhere or just sitting before a fire. All these things show your lover you're serious about your relationship. And in the process, it's guaranteed to fire it up like nothing before.

5. Give Her Sentimental Gifts.
 Finally, give her gifts. But not just any gifts: something she talked about wanting, or something that specifically shows your love for her, such as a framed poem, a painting, or a photograph of the two of you together. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to let her know that you need her. The way you present it is just as important--Don't just hand it to her, but make a game out of it. Make it a "gift hunt" or something entertaining. That way, when she does get the actual gift, she'll appreciate it all the more. And she'll see what a fun, thoughtful guy you are in the process.

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About the author:
James Brito is the author of the 2006 Edition of "How to Be Irresistible to Women." His years of dating experience and international travel have tutored him in the art of meeting and seducing women the world over. His immersion in international dating circles brings forth a gritty, no-nonsense approach to dating and developing relationships necessary for the modern single man.

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