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The Great Male Survey Dating Myths

Myths have sprung up about the nature of men for ages. Mainly spread by women, they paint a picture of a shallow little creature who is particularly scared of women who are "better" than him. If these rumors are believed by the very men they are about then we often stumble into situations like dating not really wanting to be there, and not knowing what to do when we are there.

Of course, some of these male myths are most definitely false, especially when it comes to dating. The Great Male Survey, carried out here at AM, aims to get to the root of the modern man, dispel the myths surrounding him and reveal the true, complex nature of guys and dating.

However, until women learn from the findings of the Great Male Survey, they'll continue to believe the stories they've made up about us when it comes to dating. Here, we look at the common male myths surrounding the controversial subject of dating.

Number 10

Men like younger women
Conventional wisdom suggests it's hardwired into men to go for younger women, that it's instinctive, and on that deep, animal level we're looking for a woman who has the best chance of giving us children. Of course, younger women are more likely to do this than older ones, however, it is by no means a hard-and-fast rule.

Then again, it's the younger women who make themselves more attractive. They're the ones hitting the clubs, dressed to impress. They're also the ones least likely to be locked into an established, long-term relationship. Maybe we're just taking our pick of what's on offer? We'll have to wait and see…

Number 9

Men hate chick flicks
Gentle humor and predictable, heart-warming endings: Why wouldn't guys like chick flicks? The fact is they're targeted at women. The stories they want to hear, the men they want date, the plucky, if slightly overweight, girl gets her happy ending -- and not a single gunfight, car chase or explosion throughout the entire thing.

However, do men "hate" them? Hate's a strong word. While guys don't walk into a bar and tell their buddies to check out the latest chick flick at the movies, most have sat down and made it through Bridget Jones' Diary. Some might have even liked it.

Number 8

Men are eager to cheat
Women have this firmly held belief that the only thing stopping us from falling into bed with their best friend, the hot barmaid or the nearest stranger is their constant, steely gaze upon us. When it comes to sex, myths have sprung up claiming men are ruled by the penis and not even relationships, promises or consequences are able to stop us from sleeping with someone else.

This could be true for some men, but it'd be rather harsh to judge us all by these standards. And maybe women shouldn't be so quick to propagate this myth. A recent poll found 40% of guys think dating should be exclusive, while just 33% of women agreed to that same statement.

Number 7

Men are intimidated by intelligence
The stereotype that men are looking for a blond bimbo girlfriend is a commonly held one. According to this myth, we men don't want a woman who can think for herself and actually hold an opinion or read the odd book or two. No, that would undermine our own intelligence. We just want a girl to look pretty and keep quiet.

Maybe it's our (almost) constant lusting over airhead models and actresses that makes this seem like a plausible myth. However, research suggests that 70% of us highly rate intelligence, with 50% ranking looks as being important. Of course, stick a guy in a bar with a super-smart, yet rough-looking, woman and a stunning, ditzy chick and these stats may just evaporate.

Number 6

Men are intimidated by success
Men tend to be competitive by nature. Throw a bunch together and before long, just like peacocks or stags, we'll be trying to find out who's the best; who can shoot the most hoops; who earns more, etc. At times, we can get close to whipping out a measuring stick just to see who's really the man amongst us.

So the myth perpetuates that this must-win attitude carries over to our dating. Apparently, we don't want to meet successful women because that would somehow make us less manly -- after all, we're supposed to look after the chick, right? In reality, just 6% of men would be concerned if their date earned more than them. However, the rest might change their minds when their date picks them up from their mom's house in her brand new BMW.

We hope to debunk a few more male myths about dating...
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