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Women: What Men Want to See in Your Profile
By Margot Carmichael Lester ( columnist)

Chemistry.comHow do you get to that special guy with all the other women vying for his attention? Fear not! We asked single fellas what they want to see in women's profiles, and here's what they said:

1. Photos
It's no secret that men are visual, so photos are an obvious requirement. And research shows men are 14 times more likely to check out a profile with a photo. But what do they like to see in those photos?

"A smiling face" says Norman, 32, of Winooskie, VT. "But not a fake smile, or one that makes her look like she's on mood elevators. Just a natural, engaging grin."

Dave, 26, likes to see hair. "I can tell a lot from your haircut. If it's really done up, you're probably prissy or high-maintenance. If looks more natural, you're probably laid back and practical. And if it's under a hat, you probably have something to hide!"

Eyes are important, too. "A direct gaze is nicest," says Roland, 45, of Evanston, IL. "I like feeling as though she's looking me in the eye."

"A body shot is nice for an alternate photo," notes Carl, 50, of Novato, CA. "I don't need to see her in a bikini or anything, but a photo that gives me an idea of her physique is helpful."

2. Headlines
Your headline is your online introduction. It's a great opportunity to give him a glimpse of your personality.

"If you're fun-loving, let that show through in your profile. This one got my attention," says Daniel, 43, of LaHabra, CA. "'Rizzzzz Weasels rip my flesh! Is that catchy enough? I was also thinking maybe ... Fuzzy snow bunnies.' It shows her personality and that she likes Frank Zappa."

Bookish? Try something that only the well-read will get, like a quote from Shakespeare or something in Latin. "I'm a big reader, and I like dating women who are literary, too," says Barnie, 38, of Cambridge, MA. "So a quote from a major literary figure or work, or a reference to a book is a great lure."

Men like women who like sports. If you do, you might want to lead with that. "I always click on women with sports analogies in their headlines," says Darnell, 29, of Houston, TX. "Like, 'Looking for a base hit.' or 'In the crease.'"

3. Who you want to meet
Here's the part of your profile where you can really tell him what makes you special.

"I like profiles that give me a glimpse into her essence," says Al, 40, of Binghamton, NY. "Telling me about her ideal day or an epiphany. Things that are unique to her."

Thom, 27, of Portland, OR., agrees, adding, "I want to know her interests—not just what, but why. How did she develop her love of winter sports? Why does she dig mysteries?"

"I don't want to hear about your past," says Dov, 34, of Bradenton, FL. "I want to know what you want in the future. Your goals and dreams. If they're similar to mine, I'll contact you!"


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