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The Name And Flower Bluff

Men... do you need a great way to ensure that first date?

Think you’ve got to be great looking to get a woman’s attention? Wrong! If you know what to say and do, you can have any woman dying to be at your side.

This is a little devious, but what’s the harm? Try this: Go up to a woman and ask her, “How’s work, Susan?” She’ll tell you she’s not Susan. “Oh, you’re not Susan Moore who works at the Citizens’ Bank?”

She’ll say something like, “No, I’m Karen Miller that works at Landover Real Estate.” Then just say, “Oh, well I’m Doug Jones (offer to shake hands), and I’m sorry for the mistake.” Smile and walk away.

In two or three days, send flowers to her at her work place. Include a card saying, “We just met for a moment, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Meet me for a drink after work? Doug.”

Include your phone number, too, just in case she wants to call and thank you before you get in touch with her.

And believe me, she’ll want to thank you. And you’ll score major brownie points because she’ll be thrilled to get flowers at work – all the other women in the office will be buzzing around wondering who sent them, and the object of your desire will be excited by the surprise and by the attention from her co-workers.

Give her a call later that day after you know the flowers have arrived, and say, “Hi, this is Doug. Remember me, I’m the one at the dry cleaners (or wherever you met her) who mistook you for Susan from the bank? Did you get the flowers?” She’ll say yes, tell you they’re beautiful and unexpected.

Say, “I know this is a little crazy, out of the blue and all, but you just seemed so nice, and I was kicking myself that I didn’t ask you out before. I know we don’t really know each other, but I’d like to change that. How about going for that drink later?”

She may not remember you well, after all, she only met you for a minute, but man oh man is she ever going to be flattered!

Someone is telling her she’s so hot that after a few seconds in her presence, he can’t stop thinking about her and is sending flowers?!

Women eat that stuff up, they think flowers are so thoughtful and romantic!

How could she turn down a drink with someone so thoughtful, someone who made her feel gorgeous? She can’t!

Besides, she’d feel ungrateful if she didn’t at least give you a shot. This is a piece of cake pick-up technique, and it makes you seem like Prince Charming!

Like taking candy from a baby, fellas, trust me.

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Article by Rachel Davis
Conversation King

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