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Conversation King Article By Rachel Davis

Conversation King...And She's Interested That You're Interested That She's Interesting

Some women are just out there waiting to be hit on, and they’re sending signals.

You just have to pick up on the signals, then striking up a conversation is a piece of cake because that’s what the woman was waiting for from anybody. It might as well be you!

Go someplace where people hang out, like a bar or bookstore. If there’s a woman at the bar who’s just sort of looking bored, who keeps looking around the room or even getting up to walk around the room, that woman is looking for action.

Go up to her and comment on something about the place, like “Hi. It sure is quiet in here tonight.” Or “Hi, I can’t believe how packed this place is.” She was just waiting for someone to talk to, and this is all she’ll need to be off and running. Let her lead and follow along!

Maybe throw in a comment like, “What’s a beautiful woman like you doing sitting here all alone?” Don’t say that at first, because women hear cheesy lines like that all the time.

But if you say it a few minutes after conversation has started, it erases any doubt from her mind as to whether you’re hitting on her or you’re just someone who’s making idle conversation but not looking to meet.

Give her the cheesy pick-up line that includes a compliment – and women love compliments! – and she’ll know what you’re after.

At a bookstore, check out the chicks over by the magazine racks. If there’s one who just keeps browsing titles, idly picking up a magazine and flipping through the pages, all the while looking around to check out the other people there – that’s a gal just waiting for someone to take notice of her. Do it, and you’ll find a woman ready and willing to talk to you – and probably hoping you’ll ask for her number!

Just go up to her, tell her the magazine she’s reading looks interesting, or that you already read that and there’s a great article in there, or (if it’s a woman’s magazine) that you’ve been tempted to read “Cosmo” or whatever it is just to see what kind of stuff those magazines tell women.

Ask her if she thinks men would find any useful information about women in there.

She’ll be off and running with stories of how silly the articles are, or how they might be interesting to men.

Talk a while, and then ask her to sit down for coffee to chat more. Then ask for her number. She was looking to meet, so she’ll be more than willing to hand over those digits!

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Article by Rachel Davis, Conversation King

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