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10 Things In Golf That Sound Dirty

Golf Terms That Mean What They Sound Like

Interactivity in the real world is what real life is all about. Sports drive millions of people to spend billions of dollars and groups, fans, clubs and businesses thrive on the entire market cycle of popularity. Golf is one of the largest 'slow' sports in the world. Generating fan loyalty, star-power and fun outdoor activities for people of all ages. And those that don't play often don't understand.

With those people in mind presents the following list "10 Things In Golf That Sound Dirty"

10 Things In Golf That Sound Dirty...

1. Look at the size of his putter.
2. Oh, dang, my shaft's all bent.
3. You really wacked the hell out of that sucker.
4. After 18 holes I can barely walk.
5. My hands are so sweaty I can't get a good grip.
6. Lift your head and spread your legs.
7. You have a nice stroke, but your follow through leaves a lot to be desired.
8. Just turn your back and drop it.
9. Hold up. I've got to wash my balls.
10. Damn, I missed the hole again.

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