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Know When a Woman is Flirting with You

Understanding Women's Body Language

They say that talk is cheap, and this is certainly true when it comes to flirting. Over 90 percent of communication is relayed nonverbally through body language. That being said, a man would do well to learn how to read a woman’s actions. There’s an untold story behind each and every movement.

Flirt Mastery For MenUnfortunately, most men aren’t clued in to body language. Fortunately, it’s an easy language to pick up, and this article will show you how. Read on as I break down each body part and how to decipher the hidden meanings behind them.

Body Language 101

Before we get started, I want to briefly go over the importance of body language.

Have you ever met someone, and for whatever reason, didn’t like them? No harsh words were exchanged, but nevertheless, the two of you didn’t jibe. You may not have realized it at the time, but body language played a large part in the interaction.

The mind is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. It has the ability to directly affect our realities, and can convince others to think and act in certain ways. On a similar note, there are so many thoughts and emotions running through our minds that we’re not even aware of. This is where body language comes in.

When a woman is attracted to you, her subconscious (or the back of her mind) is in active mode. She sees you, and even though she doesn’t say anything, her actions tell all. Her eyes light up, she smiles, and she twirls her hair nervously. These movements are out of her control, and as a result, they give her feelings away against her will.

Learning how to read body language is a tool that no man can live without. Here are the most common forms of nonverbal communication:

Eyes: I listed this body part first, because it always precedes every other form of body language. Does she check you out a lot? Even better, does she flash a smile your way upon doing so? A man can tell if a woman likes him if she maintains eye contact with him.

Arms: Where are her arms when she’s talking to you? If they’re crossed over her chest, she might be a little bit uncomfortable. If, instead, she’s stroking her neck or hair, chances are she’s nervous (in a good way). An open stance with her arms at her sides is also a good indicator of interest.

Behavior: The next time you’re in a conversation with a woman, change your opinion about something (just for fun). See how she reacts. If she quickly changes her thoughts to comply with yours, she’s interested. Similarly, if she laughs at everything you say (even the stupid jokes), she wants to please you.

Distance: It’s a known fact that human beings require two feet of personal space in order to be comfortable. That being said, if she’s unnecessarily closer than that to you, she wants to be. Think about it: Why would she risk her comfort level for a guy she didn’t want to be close to?

Legs: If her legs pointed towards you when in a conversation, she’s nonverbally showing her interest in you. In contrast, if they’re faced in the opposite direction, she probably wants to walk away.

An Overview of Body Language

I’ve just given you some great indicators of interest, but don’t take them too seriously. For example, just because a woman crosses her arms over her chest doesn’t mean she dislikes you. In fact, she could just be self-conscious because she wants you to be attracted to her.

There are so many different explanations for the way a woman behaves, but there is not substitute for good judgment.

That being said, listen to your gut, and if you suspect there’s an attraction between you and her, you’re probably right.

The following are some additional signs of positive body language. Combine any of these with a good vibe, and you’ve got a woman who’s probably attracted to you:
• She points her body towards you.
• She scans your body.
• She has flushed or rosy cheeks.
• Her pupils are dilated.
• She tosses her head and hair back.
• She exposes the palms of her hands.
• She opens her legs slightly.
• She sways her hips while walking past you.
• She places her hands near her crotch or breasts.
• She gives you a sideways glance.
• Her lips are wet and slightly open.

Remember that actions speak louder than words. By learning how to read a woman’s body language, you’ll tap into the mystery of her mind.

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