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The Spirituality of Success

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 The Spirituality Of Success

(ARA) - How do you define success?

Success is often defined as having money, fame, a large house and an expensive car, or being surrounded by people who do whatever is asked of them. Well-known success coach and author, Vinny Roazzi debunks that myth.

Roazzi challenges people to define success in a completely new way, saying that materialism is not enough.

"Success is not in the doing, it's in the being," Roazzi says. "Therefore, success is not only physical and mental. It's also spiritual. Authentic success on the outside is simply a reflection of success on the inside."

This assertion and several others that contradict conventional wisdom about how to become wealthy and lead a fulfilling life are explained in Roazzi's new book, "The Spirituality of Success: Getting Rich with Integrity."

Roazzi is a success trainer for a large public corporation and has spent the last 12 years helping people redefine and achieve success. Roazzi is also the executive director of marketing and development for the Alliance for Affordable Services, a national association of 65,000 small businesses.

Here are five tips from Roazzi for getting rich with integrity:

1. Know yourself. Your life's continual affirmation of your core values is elemental to long-lasting success.

2. Focus. Popular sayings such as, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket," or "Always leave a door open," can kill success. Find one point upon which to concentrate all of your energy.

3. Be careful of goal-setting strategies. Goals should not be ego-centered. Have a goal that helps other people, and in the end you will be helped. Don't choose goals that are below your natural-born potential.

4. Don't buy into society's "hype." Concern yourself only with what is real. To define what is real, ask yourself what items or activities would be most important if you knew you had only one month left to live.

5. There is no chance; there are no accidents. When it comes to cause and effect in your life, consciously or unconsciously, you cause your own effects.

Many of Roazzi's insights about success were gleaned during time he spent recovering from substance abuse and subsequently studying not only why some people succeeded, but also why many people fail in their quest to achieve financial and emotional security.

"This is the first book written about achieving success by studying failure," Roazzi says. The insights he gleaned from studying both sides of the coin were the impetus he needed to make changes that turned his life around, from drug addict at age 36 to multi-millionaire in his 40s.

"Some of my findings refute some of the generally accepted beliefs about the achievement of success," Roazzi says. "For example, most Americans believe that if you save money in a 401(k), you'll have a secure retirement. And yet, by their 65th birthday, 93 percent of Americans require the financial support of family and friends or Social Security just to provide for the basic necessities," Roazzi says. "Here, in the greatest country in the world for opportunity, and after 40 to 50 years of hard work, 93 percent of Americans achieve -- poverty!"

Roazzi's studies led him to the discovery that success is a science and can be duplicated by anyone, regardless of age. He believes that success is not about "dogs eating dogs" or only the strong surviving. "Success is natural," he says. "It has a flow. It feels good and it is genuine." But failure is also natural, and most people have been conditioned to choose failure over success.

Roazzi's book is organized into 35 chapters, designed to be read and contemplated a day at a time, so that in just over a month, anyone can learn the natural laws related to achieving success and begin to make the changes needed to become successful. He debunks many popular myths of today's popular success formulas, and instead highlights the scientific principles behind many achievement techniques such as visualization, focus and positive thinking.

Roazzi incorporates examples from his personal history to illustrate how success can be achieved with integrity and how achieving success is not only about a bank account, but about how people live their lives. The book also includes "points to ponder" at the conclusion of each chapter that recap the main points and provide a basis for thoughtful introspection as readers begin their quest toward a more successful life.

"The Spirituality of Success: Getting Rich with Integrity" can be found online or at local bookstores. For more information, visit



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