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Great Conversation Topics To Break The Ice

This motivational article will make you silver tongued and liked by all!

There is a lot of truth that if you want to be good, no great, at something you have to study it, you have to think it, practice it, be it all the time.

The hardest part for people to become great conversationalists is that they just feel that they have nothing to say... nothing to contribute to a conversation, and heavens, if they were to be the one to start a conversation... well, they freeze up and shuffle into the corner for the night.

But this all changes RIGHT NOW!

So what we really have to start with is finding great topics to talk about... and with the World Wide Web at our fingertips, that shouldn't take much effort at all, right?

Let's start with a video titled: A Bad Pickup Line vs. A Great Conversation Starter

From the video we learned:

1. Stay relevant to the situation.

2. Be unique.

3. Speak with open ended questions and friendly topics to engage your audience.

As you approach the person you want to start talking with, notice the small things that are in your immediate area. Is there anything unique about anything there? A weird chair, an unbalanced table, strange shadows cast on the walls or floor by the lighting or sunshine?

Is there anything unique about the person herself/himself? Do they have a "look" that sets them apart form others?

You have to remember that great conversations start with small topics. It's very infrequent that someone will introduce themselves and began a tirade on a subject that is offensive or could be offensive to the other person.

It also is very wise to be aware of current events in society, in your immediate living area and even in the world.

For this you need some interesting web sites to provide conversationalist topics. I usually visit these sites myself at least once a week, if not more, to find interesting topics of conversation.

What these sites have most in common is new topics arrive on their front pages all the time. These are websites with topic just waiting to be devoured and talked about. Can you find five interesting things from the front page of each website above? Go and look now, then come back to this page.

A man once said that conversation is 20% talking and 80% listening. Do you listen to what the people around you are talking about or do you butt in and change the topic... that's a major no no.

Another man said that communication is 3% verbal and 97% body language. Do you stand, with open arms and a smile on your face or are you giving off negative energy by slouching, arms crossed over your chest, as if fighting off some villain attempting to make you see something evil?

People naturally see you as you present yourself, not as you think you are presenting yourself. It's time to be a little self-critical and watch how you behave around others. make mental notes of what people are doing around you and how you are interacting with them.

Now then, for the heart of the matter, here are some topics that you can use any where, any time, with anybody and start a great conversation:

  • Have you been here (shopped here, etc.) before?
  • Do you know what I like most about this place ... (add in something) ... what do you think?
  • I remember seeing something about this on ... (some tv news show like 20/20 or 60 Minutes) ... did you catch that episode?
  • This would make a great gift, what do you think about it?
  • Did they make you wear that top to get in here?

The worse topics for conversation are:

  • Anything critical or gossipy about someone
  • Speaking about negative personal issues
  • Speaking about negative business issues that are related to you or someone else in the room, or possibly someone that be friends of the person you are talking to
  • Anything that you said yesterday, last week, etc. Repeating yourself is a great way to rid yourself of an audience

YOU can be talkative as long as you are informed about the topic at hand or if you are introducing a new topic to someone.

YOU can be a great listener and be the most gracious conversationalist by letting other people talk and remember to steer them out of negative energy topics. 


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