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Halloween Party Preparation

Happy Halloween Party!

(ARA) - The days are getting shorter, the moon looms larger in the night sky, there's a chill floating in the wind and ghosts and goblins prowl around every corner.

Halloween pumpkinIt's Halloween, that wonderful holiday when kids of all ages dress up and have fun. For the younger monsters, this means roaming the streets, looking to return home with as much sugar-saturated "goodness" as they can carry. For those older apparitions, it means costumed get-togethers wild enough to wake the dead or movie marathons starring the creepiest creatures and scariest psychopaths ever imagined.

Whether you're hosting one of these events or just wanting to spice-up the evening, make your Halloween a complete scream with these deliciously devilish ideas.

A costumed Halloween get-together is a tradition that allows us to recapture some childhood memories and have a thrill in the process. But, what's a party without punch? For those of you who haven't scared-up your own formula, try this recipe for a frighteningly flavorful Witches Brew that will definitely take your guests' breath away. Make an effervescent green beverage by mixing something yellow (Mountain Dew or citrus cooler) with something blue (raspberry punch or Pepsi Blue). Add a bit of "spirit" with 12.5 ounces of Kutskova vodka, possibly the best vodka on the market. Complete the effect by filling clean latex gloves with water and placing them in the freezer. After 30 minutes, peel or cut the glove off the ice and float the "disembodied hands" in the punch. Drop a few activated glow-sticks in the punch bowl to produce a supernatural glow.

Another idea that's guaranteed to turn your costumed celebration into a scream is to serve creepy cocktails. Here are two Halloween themed libations that will definitely turn your party into a howling experience and can be garnished with Gummi worms, spiders, flies or other "bugs."

Black Magic
2 ounces Kutskova vodka
2 ounces espresso
mix with ice
add dash of lemon juice
serve with a lime twist

Vampire's Delight
1.5 ounces Kutskova vodka
5 ounces Chambord
.5 ounce raspberry puree
1 ounce cranberry juice
mix in double martini glass

Alternately, what could be more fun and frightening for Halloween night than gathering a few of the "guys and ghouls" to watch some of the greatest horror films ever made? If screenings of "Dracula," "Frankenstein," "Psycho" or "American Werewolf In London" are in your plans, find an equally festive wine to match. Luna di Luna's goblin-green bottled Pinot Bianco/Sauvignon has an "intriguing nose" and tropical fruit flavors that are ideal for this occasion. Also dressed-up perfectly for Halloween is Luna di Luna's phantasm-purple bottled Sangiovese/Merlot: A truly exceptional 70/30 combination of chic Sangiovese and smooth Merlot, it has achieved honors for its exquisite taste and rich velvety aroma. After the wines are finished, the bottles will make for decorative candleholders that add to the eerie ambiance.

A non-alcoholic drink idea that should send a chill up your guests' spines is a frosty beverage called Goblin Goop. For this drink, simply empty a can of orange juice concentrate, 12 ounces of white grape juice, a 2-liter bottle of Sprite and one pint of lemon or lime sherbet into a large punch bowl. After mixing up the ingredients, drizzle in green food coloring and stir to give your concoction a slimy green appearance. This recipe serves six to eight people.

What would a party or movie marathon be without finger foods? Try a creepy little treat called Troll Fingers.

For this ghoulish delight you will need two or three chicken breasts cut into jagged strips. Dip the slices in a wash of beaten eggs and whole milk, then batter them in a mixture of flour, breadcrumbs and cayenne pepper. Fry the fingers in olive oil until golden brown. Add "fingernails" made from pitted black olives sliced in half. Serve with Caesar or ranch dressing as a dipping sauce.

In keeping with the things-that-go-bump-in-the-night theme, try serving up Spider Bites.

First take two rolls of pre-made dough and make two sets of bread balls, one roughly half the size of your palm and the other set the size of your thumb nail. With a third roll, make a thin snake out of the dough and break it up into little leg sections. Assemble the dough balls and legs into spider shapes with the large ball as the body, small ball as the head and eight leg sections coming out of the center. Before placing the spiders into the oven, glaze the dough with egg yolk and make a half-dollar sized crater in the center of the spider's body with your thumb. Bake the spiders at 350 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes. While the spiders are cooking, make your choice of ham salad, tuna salad, egg salad, crab dip or spinach-artichoke dip. After removing the spiders from the oven, let them cool for 10 minutes and then fill the creation with the salad or dip. This recipe makes enough to serve three to five people.

The spirit of Halloween always brings out the kid in all of us. So, however you decide to celebrate Halloween, remember to serve the most paranormal provisions to your guests and fully capture the essence of this haunted holiday. Just remember to stock up on candy for the wee monsters prowling about.

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Uncanny Halloween Trivia

Think you know everything about Halloween? Here is some chilling trivia you may not have known:

Halloween comes from the pagan festival of Samhain. It was believed that on this night the spirits of all those who had died the preceding year would come back to haunt the living. To scare away or appease these spirits, the people began dressing up in fiendish costumes and leaving offerings of food at their door. During the 8th century, the Christian church replaced the pagan holiday by naming Nov. 1 "All Saints' Day" and the night before as "All Hallows Eve". Eventually, this name became Halloween.

The carving of Jack-O-Lanterns comes from an 18th century Irish folk tale about a miserly drunkard named Jack who is said to have trapped the Devil in the branches of an apple tree. After Jack's death, he was not allowed into Heaven, but the Devil wouldn't accept him either. So Jack was left to wander the night endlessly, lighting his path with a lit piece of coal inside a hollowed out turnip (later turned into a pumpkin).

Superstitions about vampires have existed from the earliest times and appeared in all cultures. The "Vampir" (vampire) comes from Romanian legends about spirits or demons that left their graves at night to seek and enslave human victims. The vampire could be warded off with a variety of charms, amulets, and herbs and could only be killed by driving a stake through its heart or by cremation. It is from this legend that Bram Stoker wrote his classic "Dracula."

In 16th Century France it was believed that several noble families had become Lycanthropes, or Werewolves. After several wolf attacks had occurred on their land, a servant went to the local Bishop and confessed that he'd seen his employers turn into wild dogs. After being captured and tried, the accused "werewolves" were executed with silver rosary beads fired from a musket. This is where the modern myth of the werewolf comes from.

Unlike other monsters, Frankenstein was not based on any actual person or event. In 1814 Mary Shelley, the author of "Frankenstein," was traveling through Darmstadt, Germany. While there, she noticed the ruins of an ancient castle owned by a knight named Arbogast Von Frankenstein. She was apparently so taken with the castle that she used its name for the title of her novel about a student who creates an artificial man while exploring the secrets of life in his laboratory.


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