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Have The Relationship You Want

5 Things I’ve Learned About The Woman I Love

Dear Reader,

My name is Robert Lee and I am the head editor of I visit and review online dating services, and I read a lot. Anything from current news and politics to romance and relationship advice.

I also publish an online advice website,

One of my many tasks is to review relationship ebooks. Topics that cover making the first moves, questions to ask someone right up to getting the first date and beyond.

My latest project is reading the ebook "Have The Relationship You Want" by Rori Raye (Gwynne) and writing a review of it.

I have to admit that I was inspired by the time I even had read to page 15!

Now, I have been married 9 years, Sheila and I been together for 10 years.

During that time we've had our ups and downs and we've always gotten through the arguments and disagreements we've had. Our marriage and partnership is always getting stronger.

As I read through "Have The Relationship You Want" I was inspired to write a letter for my wife, to leave for her when she awoke the next morning. Here it is:

5 Things I’ve Learned About The Woman I Love

1. I may not always be right but there is never a disagreement worth arguing about. If I focus my love on my wife I will always be able to see her point of view and I will always remain calm enough to explain why I think the way that I do. I must remember that no two people always think and react to things the same way and I must adjust to keep my focus on the love that we have, not the minor inconveniences and differences that try to come between us.

2. Life is stressful. My first job is to keep my wife stress-free by what I can do to help her in any way that I can. Even taking the time to listen to her, without judging or offering solutions, is important to allow us both to communicate, to vent and to spend time together without causing conflict. This I must remember, always.

3. A couple have a house, add children and you have a home. One of my top priorities should always be making my step-children as comfortable and as well received and spoken to as I would want them to be with me. Teaching and being with the kids are a part of life and I should always remember that being together is more important than teaching. Let the kids learn by my example not by my words alone.

4. I need to find a new way to show her that I love her every day. Even if it’s a simple note that says “I love you” placed on her desk or tucked into her coat pocket, putting away the dishes or sweeping the floor, finding new ways to tell her how much she means to me will show her how much I truly do love her.

5. I need to work on this list and add to it every day in some way. My love does not stagnate, my love does not go dry. My wife always needs to know that I love her, in small ways and in big ways. And I know that my actions speak louder than words and I must use my actions to show her that I love her. Every day.

Sheila, I love you,
Robert Lee

If you also want to be inspired, to be renewed and to start having the relationship you truly want I urge you to also read "Have The Relationship You Want" by Rori Raye (Gwynne)

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In this book you will learn:
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