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Having Great Phone Conversations With Women


Ask Rob: The Advice General Answers


Hey Rob, what's up my man, what is a good way to act when your talking to a girl over the phone? like what are good topics to talk about? and what are bad topics to NOT talk about? and lastly how should your act over the phone? considering she can't see you, should you talk to her like you are busy? to show her you got a life or what.

Your advice will be appreciated

Rob's Answer:

Beware the phone conversations!
They should be kept short, to the point and conducted with full attention to who you are talking and the subjects at hand. You can't romance someone over the phone! But you can easily come across as a needy, freaky, controlling.... All the bad things ... In one quick wordy moment. I always recommend that conversations of any length be done in person, not online, email or on the phone. Body language isn't apparent and it's too easy to send mixed signals, be misunderstood and plainly, say something stupid.

If you absolutely MUST talk on the phone with her, here are some topics:
1. What did she do today?
2. What is her plan for later today?
3. Did she see on TV...
4. Read in the newspaper...
5. Hear about the movie...

Personal appearance topics can make or break you, but always... Always... Keep the conversation focused on her, not yourself: 1. Did you ever have long (short) hair? 2. Would you ever wear colored contact lenses? 3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 4. If you could travel back in time, who would you like to meet? 5. Which music (movie) celebrity would you like to meet?

Things not to do:
1. Don't be busy with other things during your conversation
2. Don't eat anything
3. Don't drink anything
4. If you have a runny nose, blow it before you call
5. Don't let pauses in the conversation grow. If there is a 3 or 4 second pause in the conversation it's time to get off the phone.

And some extras:
1. Always call when you say you will
2. If your call is unexpected, give her a break and keep the conversation short 3. Never talk about yourself unless first asked and even then keep it short and turn the conversation back to her

Best wishes,

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