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How to Date Like a Superhero

Ahh superheroes. They've got it made. There isn't a man alive who hasn't secretly longed for telepathic powers if only to understand what women want.

And there's been more than one occasion when I've wished for the power of invisibility -- particularly when seated in a nice restaurant with my new date, only to find my ex and his new date at the table nearby.

Maybe superheroes can teach us something meaningful about dating behavior. Stranger things have happened...

Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider while watching a demonstration on radiation technology, leaving him with superhuman spider-like abilities.
Be a Super Date: Spider-man has superpowers of adhesion allowing him to stick to almost any surface. Channel his arachnid abilities and stick with your date even if they don't seem your type at first. First dates can be fraught with anxiety, which will naturally settle as your date becomes more at ease. Like Spider-man, developing your sense of intuition is a dating superpower that helps you read a situation and respond accordingly, which can help ensure the date runs more smoothly.

The Incredible Hulk
Dr. David Banner is zapped by gamma radiation which alters his body chemistry, transforming him into a seething, green monster whenever he gets mad.
Be a Super Date: There's a lot to be learned from this not-so-jolly green giant about dating and anger management. If you've had a crappy day, do something constructive to decompress before meeting up with your date. Dating is not a cheap alternative to professional counseling, so don't use your date as a human stress ball. Tell them -- in one sentence -- that you've had a nightmare day, and then let them know your focus now is having a good time with them.

Blinded by radioactive waste while trying to save a blind man from being hit by a truck, Matt Murdoch (aka Daredevil) develops a heightened sense of hearing, smell and touch.
Be a Super Date: The ability to listen is one of the most important characteristics of being a good date, so keep your sense of hearing finely attuned when getting to know someone new. Be a Daredevil. Give your date the impression you really care what they are saying, by paraphrasing their comments and asking relevant questions. There's nothing more flattering than having someone pay attention and reallylisten to you.

Wonder Woman
Born on Paradise Island, Diane Prince is blessed with crime-fighting powers -- and an ability to deflect slings and arrows with her indestructible bracelets.
Be a Super Date: On first appearances, Wonder Woman's skimpy little costume could be all the dating advice you'll ever need. What hot-blooded man would not love you to turn up in hot-pants accessorized with what looks like some sort of S&M prop? But it's not adopting Wonder Woman's satin-clad attire that will make you a super date; it's harnessing her ability to foil those who seek to bring her down. Staying positive and upbeat, by deflecting negativity with your own magical bracelets is a simple way to become a really super date.

Born a mutant, X-Men character Magento bides his time on Asteroid M perfecting his ability to control magnetic fields, while waiting (aren't we all?) for the day when mutants will rule the earth.
Be a Super Date: You don't need to be a mutant to control your own personal magnetic field. Enlist the superpower of body language; it's a simple way to alter your physical space and influence those around you, particularly when dating. Keep your shoulders back and your body facing your date and you'll create a sense of openness that your date will find positively magnetic.

Orphaned after the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne sets about transforming himself into a super smart, super fit, kick-ass avenger.
Be a Super Date: Kinky rubber fetish wear aside, there's a lot to be learned about being a super date from our caped crusader. Millionaire, entrepreneur, philanthropist, skilled martial artist, Olympic gymnast, marksman and general all-round good guy, Batman knows the value of having many and varied interests. Keep your life in balance with interesting pastimes, a healthy lifestyle and an active mind. Just ditch the Boy Wonder. Unless you want people to wonder...

Born on Krypton, Clark Kent arrives on Earth after the destruction of his home planet, where it soon becomes clear he has superpowers behind those nerdy glasses.

Be a Super Date: Superman really is a super man -- and I'm betting he knows that being spontaneous makes you a super date. Undeterred by obstacles tall and small, this guy can change his outfit at lightning speed -- and in a phone box too. But kids, don't try this at home. And never wear your underpants on the outside.


Article written by Sarah Fielding. This work is copyrighted by the author. No unauthorized duplication or presentation allowed. Reprinted With Permission


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