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Where To Meet Singles Offline By Kelly Jones (Lavalife columnist)

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Online dating is an excellent way of meeting exciting new people. But connecting with someone in an everyday environment such as a shop or dog park has advantages too, namely an obvious starting point for conversation. Which public places are best for cruising unattached cuties? Read on...

Meeting singles by flirting at bars and clicking with online Lavalifers definitely has its arousing advantages, but hooking up with other spicy singles need not be limited to traditional dating venues. In fact, it can equally mischievous to connect with someone in an everyday environment--food shopping, wine tasting, frolicking at a dog park. Best, the pressure-free surroundings provide a natural conversation topic to begin interacting. Regularity is the salacious secret here: the more you bump into each other, the most comfortable you'll become. Make sure to frequent places that best reflect your interests.

1. Linen Beginnings
What's more alluring than soft bed sheets, a clean bathroom, and fluffy towels? Department store linen departments are one of the sassiest places for neat freaks to meet likeminded singles. It's probably safe to assume that if a hottie guy or girl cares about guest towels, they're likely feel good about asking you over and making you feel at home.

2. Judge a Book by its Lover
From poetry to porn, fiction to sex addiction, what can't you say about yourself by browsing in a particular section of a bookstore or library? Many of today's book superstores also provide coffee shops, comfy seating, and air conditioning, so take your time and read between the lines of other shoppers.

3. Bedding at the Wedding
Frequently and mistakenly dreaded by the dateless, nuptial events rank right up there with other pick-up hot spots. Romance is in the air, all are dressed to the nines, there's vino and dancing to be relished, and you already know everyone at the event by mere association. So usher in your enticing side and say 'I do' to those roomfuls of potential dates.

4. Food for Thought
Are you a tofu stir-fry kind of guy or a flank steak girl, a Rice Krispie square baker or a fresh parmesan grater? Shopping carts weren't constructed of wire mesh without purpose--they're ideal for snooping. Visit your grocer on the same day every week, giving yourself plenty of time to squeeze the melons, smell the strawberries, and flirt your pants off with likeminded foodies.

5. Charity Begins Alone
Want to meet that special someone while simultaneously contributing to the community? Then volunteering is for you. With so many charities needing support--from the SPCA to the Sally Ann--you'll have no problem finding a cause that sates your Good Samaritan urge. And volunteers can be counted on to be thoughtful and considerate types, usually with plenty of free time to play and cavort with other slinky singles.

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6. It's a Dog-Meet-Dog World
You don't have to be a canine owner to meet all the young, hip singles hanging out at a dog park--borrow one from a friend who's "out of town" for a few days. The pups do all the judging for you, even down to the crotch-sniffing. All you have to do is throw a soggy tennis ball a few times and follow up.

7. Be a Winer
Vineyard tours, wine-tasting events and oenophile and sommelier classes are all single-friendly gatherings where picking up can be as easy as picking grapes. Come prepared to talk about your favorite vintages or a nearby restaurant with a noteworthy wine carte--the perfect stepping stone for a date.

8. Come Clean
A few quarters and a scoopful of laundry detergent could easily morph into a few hours of steamy conversation with a new single in your 'hood. You've got a few hours to work your wonders while clothes tumble and toss. And what better way to check out someone's sexy underclothes or show off your own trendy garb?

9. Perk Up
Meet other caffeine addicts in a swish, relaxed atmosphere. Tightly packed tables, background jazz music stylings and a laissez-faire attitude encouraging subtle displays of personal interest--journal writing, laptop work, book reading, photograph browsing--all make coffee shops a pick-up spot accessible to everyone.

10. Hobnob Hobbies
From marketing seminars for career-focused urbanites to language classes for travel-fiends to Pilates for the amorously athletic, classes are a shoo-in for meeting singles of a similar persuasion. Pick a hobby that interests you and that you know will attract the kind of person you're hot for--you'd be mistaken if you expected to find a roomful of single men at a salsa lesson or a gaggle of gorgeous girls at a racecar mechanic's class. Check out your local community center, dance studio, college, and conference hall for offerings.


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