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Form A Humor Habit

When she laughs with you...

You certainly would agree that it’s the successful habits that lead successful people to where they are. Your future is decided by your daily routine.

If you don't form a habit of constantly practicing things you want to be good at, you’ll never be. And if you don’t control you habit, you’ll end up being controlled by you habits.

As a result, apart from reading all the jokes, watching comedies, and learning humor techniques, you need to pay attention to the little humor events occurred in life and stay on the lookout for opportunities to crack a joke with yourself.

I know it sounds silly at first, but you’ll be amazed at the positive effect it has on your mood (provided, of course, you don’t crack cynical jokes all the time—I know some guys do...)

And besides that simple day-to-day act, practice constantly by exploring opportunities to role-play with conversations around you.

One thing I found particularly effective is talking to the host when listening to the radio or talk shows on TV. Just imagine yourself to be live on the show. What would you say or act funnily?

When you’ve formed the humor habit, humor will gradually become a part of you, and not just some staged performance when you suddenly need it.

And modify the technique you learn from all sources to suit your own personality and style.

What I learned from books, people, and my own experience are things that worked for me. They will probably work for you too, but in order to fully unleash the power of humor, you need to constantly fine tune the details on your own.

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About the author:
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