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Top Ten Phrases That Mean Your Date Really, Really Likes You

You make her feel like a woman, and you are that man.

Lately I’ve been getting an unusually high number of emails from people asking about certain phrases they are hearing on dates and what the true message might be behind them.

Deserve What You Want ebook. Click Here!Surprisingly, the messages that are being sent are often quite obvious ones in these cases…it’s just that when we’re the ones hearing these things we have a hard time applying them as truth in our own situations.

Now when the message is basically “get lost, creep”, you tend to get your answer whether you figure it out on your own or not…there simply aren’t any more dates.

But what about when you hear something that sounds a lot like a major vote of confidence? How’s your “field vision” there? That’s the central point of today’s message. Besides, this is a lot more happenin’ a conversation than agonizing over “rejection”. I think I like talking about “approval” much better.

So enough, already. Let’s have at it. Here are the “Top Ten” most common phrases (or iterations thereof) you’re likely to hear when you’ve succeeded wildly at creating massive attraction. Most of these can be considered “equal opportunity” as far as men and women are concerned. In other words, this is mostly a “coed” list. I’ll indicate when there’s a leaning in a particular direction as far as usage goes. One caveat: certain of the following can be applied for purely manipulative reasons (i.e. to “reel in the biscuit”), but even in those cases you can at the baseline level believe the person across the table is digging you. Here goes:

1) “You are amazing.”

Maybe a guy or two butters a woman up with this one, but it’s still nice to hear no matter which gender is delivering the message. Guys, if a woman utters this one you’ve essentially overwhelmed her with more positive feelings than she can keep up with. This simple phrase sums it up…perfectly. In fact, it ranks as arguably the highest-level statement of overarching approval a woman can offer a man she as yet barely knows. Perhaps second only to…

2) “Are you for real?”

Yeppers, troops. You hear this and you’ve fallen into the “Too Good To Be True Zone”. You can rest assured that you are a man or woman who deserves what s/he wants…majorly. Similar sentiments include: “OK…what’s the bad news about you? Spit it out.”, “When am I going to wake up from this dream?”, “Is this a fairy tale?”, etc. Yes…you’re real, thank you. And s/he digs you for it.

3) “I’m speechless.”

If accompanied by a countenance that indicates delight, you have indeed succeeded at—once again—overwhelming your date with positive warm fuzzies. If the look is one of disgust, well…um…that would be the opposite reason one would be “speechless”. Obviously, you’re looking forward to the former.

4) “It’s like we’ve known each other for ten years!”

This one is particularly poignant when you’ve actually known each other…um…ten minutes. When you hear this, you know you’ve succeeded in connecting with someone at the heart level. This is powerful stuff. We know how important it is for a woman to feel comfortable with the man she’s with. Here’s your point-blank message that it’s happening. Rapport has been established. Now keep up the good work.

5) “Wow. You’re different.”

Again, look at the facial expression accompanying this one. If it’s the raised-eyebrow “Uh…yeah, right…” look, you’re hurtin’ for certain. But…if it’s a curious look of wonderment that signals rapt attention, well then you’re on to something my good friend. Often followed closely by #1 and/or #2. See also “Who are you?”, “What is this feeling…what are you doing to me?”, etc.

6) “Can this night never end?”

Also rendered as, “Can we stop time?”, “I wish this moment could last forever”, etc. Let’s face it; unless you are creating some serious attraction here, s/he wouldn’t be speaking in such eternal overtones. Really. Too bad some guys know how to manipulate with such a phrase, but let’s think positively. In other words, see for yourself if this one isn’t blazing the proverbial trail for…

7) “When can I see you again?”

Sorry guys. You sound hella needy if you blurt this one out. But I’m a big boy and I know it happens out there nonetheless. Whatever your gender, hear this and you not only know a second date is available to you …you can count on the fact that your date is really, really looking forward to it.

8) “How can you still be single?”

For reasons I can’t quite put a finger on, this one is my personal favorite. It straight-up says it all, doesn’t it? Incidentally, a great comeback for this one would be “Because I’m as picky as you are”. Life is sweet when great people deserve each other, isn’t it? In case you’re wondering, a particularly poor comeback would be “Uhh…actually, I’m not.”

And now, lest I keep you hanging, I came up with one gender-specific one for, well…each specific gender.

9) Glowing, smiling, laughing.

Not really a “phrase” per se, but a man can and should hear this every bit as clearly as anything spoken. The woman who glows and can’t stop smiling is communicating her interest more effectively than a thousand words ever could. Guys, if you have never experienced “The Glow”, it’s likely because you are “failing to deploy” when it comes to igniting femininity. Sex-focused guys rarely get a glimpse. And believe me, you want some of this.

10) “She is a cool girl.”

Game over. We have a winner. Attraction, enjoyment, mad respect…all rolled into one easy utterance from the guy. We guys don’t say this unless we mean it. And when we mean it, we know we are dealing with an all-around amazing woman.

So back to the original point that I made at the top of the page. Isn’t it flat-out bizarre that people can at times fail to recognize such blatant messages of approval? Yet, it happens all the time. At least now YOU don’t have to be unsure when you find the pleasure of having any of the above niceties uttered in your general direction.

Of course, it’s hard to come up with an exhaustive list of such “jackpot phrases” in this space.

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So here’s a good exercise: When you hear a phrase that you think might be an indication of interest from someone (at any level), ask yourself how you would perceive the conversation had you overheard it as a third party. If you are reasonably sure that you would recognize it as the words of someone who is attracted to the other, then show some confidence and allow yourself to believe it can (and indeed does) apply when YOU are the one directly involved. Disarmingly simple (as so much is when it comes to dating strategy), but who actually visualizes situations like this when they are happening? If you said “almost nobody”, then you would be correct.

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