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By Giuseppe Notte Author of "ALL ABOUT WOMEN: The Encyclopedia Of Seduction"

All About Women ebook by Giuseppe Notte

In this article I want to talk about a wonderful opportunity to meet a large number of hot girls. I think it's one of the easiest places to pick up women and with a little bit of skill you will have literally no competition.

Most guys go to clubs, only to find a bunch of rejective girls and great competition in the form of other men. But have you ever thought of visiting one of the local dance-schools?

I know, I know... Now you will come with the typical excuse: you are not a "very good" dancer. But think a bit! If everyone was a good dancer, such schools wouldn't exist! There are also a large number of dances to choose from: I'm sure you can find one that you will like.

Just take my example: to be honest, I was never a good dancer. I have never done any competitive sports and when I was younger I wasn't the best in gymnastics. But still, I have decided to go for it and tried Salsa-dancing. And boy, just what I found! A great number of beautiful, single women eager for my attention!

Apart from dance classes, most of the dance schools organize their own parties. Meeting girls at these parties is a piece of cake: you don't need to know lame pick-up lines or fancy ways of approaching women. All you need is to ask her for a dance and the rest will flow naturally.

After dancing, just grab the hand of the girl and ask if she wants to talk a bit. If you know to dance just a little bit, she will be already attracted to you and ready to go further. Believe me, guys who know how to move are VERY ATTRACTIVE to women! Since there are also a lot of girls who are just interested and don't even know how to dance, you can go far with only a little bit of skill. That is not hard to get by taking dancing lessons for 3-4 months.

And the party is not over yet. Most of these girls are not only single, but also very intelligent and know how to move their bodies. Read: they are damn good in bed! If you are interested, I suggest you do a search on the Internet for local dance schools. Visit a few of them then decide which is the best. I suggest you check out either Salsa or Standard Latin dance-schools.

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Article by Giuseppe Notte
Author Giuseppe Notte has created "All About Women",
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This work is copyrighted by the author. No unauthorized duplication or presentation allowed. Copyright 2008 Giuseppe Notte All Rights Reserved Reprinted With Permission

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