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The Bar Scene: By Mark Geiger

So you’ve just discovered that cool new bar in your area where all the beautiful women hang out. How do you “hook up” in this environment? It can be a tough venue because its packed, loud, not well lit, and you don’t know anybody. You might as well be a visiting professional from Minsk (that’s far away) who doesn’t speak English.

There are a few key moves you can make to improve your odds of meeting someone you are interested in and they may even come to you. It can happen and did happen to me only a couple of weeks ago. Here’s how:
1. Location:
Find the best spot to hang out at the bar or club. It needs to be a place where you can get a good lay of the land, get drinks relatively quickly, and close to the dance floor if there is one. On the night you want to go out get there early with your friends and camp. In most clubs you can do no right before 10:00 pm so be patient and pace yourself. Let the beautiful people arrive, get settled in, and get one or two drinks down before you approach anyone. Make sure you are not plowed by the time your opportunity arrives. Eye contact is a key element in this environment. If a girl is giving you a look and a smile a couple of times that is usually a green light to ask her to dance or buy her (and her friends) a drink. Get to the point. If you don’t ask her to dance tell her you noticed her from across the bar and thought she had a pretty smile. As hard as it is act confident, decisive, and interested in who she is.

2. Stick together:
Go to the hot spots with a group of friends you are comfortable with and have a great time with. They don’t even need to be single. Women in these places are very aware of the fun groups of people and are drawn towards them. If you look happy and are having a great time people notice. Invite the women you are interested in into your group and let your friends “sell you” to her. It’s the stories, either at your expense or not, that give her a snapshot of who you are. And if they are at your expense showing a good sense of humor by laughing at yourself can score you serious points. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago out with a group of guys for a friends birthday. We were having a great time just hanging out, joking around, eating, and drinking. This incredible looking woman came up and shocked all of us, especially me, when she introduced herself and sat down next to me. Her line was “I noticed you guys having a great time over here and you looked like the leader.” My buddy said to her “you have no idea what you’ve just done…..I’ll be hearing about this when we’re 70.” Case closed. So, give yourself and your group some time to get some momentum before you branch out and approach the women you’re interested in.

3. Being in a group is also a great way to “post up” at a crowded bar. One of you should squeeze in and order a bunch of bottled beers and have the bartender open them all up on the bar. Your group will of course drink them all before they get warm, and this usually creates some extra space at the bar for your team. The bartender is usually good about helping with this because he wants the spenders in front of him over the people milking drinks for hours. Try and pick a spot next to a group of women. It’s a great ice-breaker if you turn and say “how’s it going…would you like a beer?”

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