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Speed Dating Essentials

Speed Dating Is Rejection-Free!

... for at least the next three to five minutes!

This video explains "Speed Dating" so you are prepared for your next speed dating event.

You can "Speed Date" in person, you can even use "Speed Dating Online" services (online speed dating reviews here) and have a lot of fun in this "rejection-free" form of introduction service.

The Basics of Speed Dating

Millions of people all over the world have participated in "rapid dating" or "speed dating" events because it is a fun and amazing process of meeting people, and seeing if you "click".

Can You Have Success At A Speed Dating Event?

The majority of people at any single speed dating event will have at least one match. A match is determined by the cards you fill out after each "speed date" and if the both of you express an interest in meeting again, it's a match! The speed dating organizers will then forward contact information to each person. If only one person is interested, then there is no match and the meeting will not be followed up with contact information being provided. This is also one reason why speed dating is a relatively safe way to meet people, whether for friendship, dating or business purposes.

Speed Dating: Speed Dating Essentials

Why Do People Resist Participating In Speed Dating Event?

Many people feel that speed dating events draw "losers" that otherwise couldn't get a date. Also that people are not open and honest when meeting someone during the event.

The Advantages Of Speed Dating

You will meet a lot of people that will meet you before deciding to not talk to you, so it's rejection free. The participants have to pay a fee so they usually have jobs and/or money to date. You will meet people that would otherwise be outside of your social circle. The basic speed dating event is targeted to local areas and specific age ranges so you will not be out of place at an event.

Go now... speed date!

Hosted by Renne Piane, author of "Love Mechanics"

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