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How To Pickup Women

Five Steps To Pickup Women

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The Truth

How to pick up women is not:

Lying to women;

Misleading women;

Putting on a false face with women.

If you want to have women in your life, dating, sex, relationships, then you have to admit to yourself that there is a truth that you don't understand about women.

And with this admission comes the freedom, yes, freedom, to explore how you cal learn to be a 'natural' with women.

Some guys are born with blonde hair and blue eyes, some guys are dark and ruddy, some women are more open to receive attention from men than others.


Every guy can be successful with women DEPENDING on what his true definition of success with women is.

One guy may want a lot of female friends, another guy may want easy dates and sex, a third may want dating to lead to long term relationships, and another may just not understand his own truth towards women.

How do you define the truth as being your success with women?

The Trick

Your abilities of interacting with women are buried deep inside a shell of your own fear of rejection and your low self-esteem that attacks your nerves when women are around you. The need to talk and connect with these women is overridden by the very person you are afraid that will be revealed to women: yourself.

And this is not unusual.

This does not make you a loser, a loner, a person that has feelings that are not understood by others.

These fears do make you a normal guy with challenges that, while they seem unique and overwhelming to yourself, they are small fences that other men have broken down and can explain how to break out of your own shell.

The trick is practice, determination and a willingness to face rejection head on. If you get rejected by women 95% of the time, and you talk to 100 women, you'll still have 5 dates, which is a lot more than you're getting now, right?

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