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Datingagency - This in-depth review was last updated November 2008. All information and screenshots are current as of this date. Please visit the Datingagency service for more complete and up-to-date details.

There is one important aspect to the Dating Agency that you should know right off: they have arranged their service to serve you locally. What that means is the first thing you do when you visit is select the country you live in. This narrows down the search and allows you to quickly browse the profiles of current members. The location selection will follow you through your membership so you will always have profiles of members that are closest to you appear first in any searches you make. You can browse the profiles before you post your own, but your visit will be more rewarding if you join as a guest member.


Basic Features

Premium Features

Profile Questionnaire

Membership Pricing

Promotional Codes

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Contact Info: For complaints or inquiries about the Datingagency service use the online form available on the contact page. Also available is the phone, fax and snail mail address.

Disclaimer: Please note that all screenshots, graphics and information remains the property of their respective owners and is used here for informational and reviewer purposes only. The information presented here was current at the time of publication but may change by the time you visit the service reviewed. The opinions are solely those of the staff and may not be reprinted, in whole or in part, without prior written permission. © 2002-2007, cheerful attitude web design ltd. and Robert Lee

Basic Features

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Screenshot of Home Page (Click to view)
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Post your profile for free and join as a guest member. This will allow you to browse the service and discover the features that will allow you to search other member profiles as well as receive and reply to messages.

Searches are available using several different sorting methods, pay particular to the "Most Membership Points" search option. Membership points are awarded to all members when they post a picture with their profile, frequent logging in and updating their profile as well as becoming a Club (premium) member. Members that have a lot of points will be more active at Datingagency, so they are more likely to reply to your messages. Last login date is included with every profile so you can see when the last time someone logged in or updated their profile.

All profiles and pictures are reviewed before they are available (it usually takes 24 hours for profiles, 7 days for pictures), you won't find inappropriate profiles or pictures so your visit to Datingagency will be enjoyable and not filled with unpleasant experiences.

These are the features available to free (or guest) members:

  • search

  • add your profile

  • change your profile as often as you like

  • add a photo

  • change your photo as often as you like

  • use "favorites"

  • receive messages

  • reply to messages (that is, send a message back to someone who has sent you a message)

  • find out who's got you on their list of favorites

  • find out who's been looking at your profile

  • using our online help service as much as you need

  • join the mailing list

Your membership also allows you to check your horoscope, set up a favorites list of the member profiles you like as well as see how has put you on their favorites list, and check your inbox for messages from others.


Premium Features

These features are available to Club (premium) members:

  • unlimited messages - as a club member you can send as many messages as you like to any of our members, including guest members

  • top of the search results! - you get more "club membership points", so you can easily keep your profile right at the top of the search results.

  • advanced searching - search on every single criteria, including: sex, age, height, body type, number of children - plus you can search up to five geographical areas at the same time

  • keyword searching - no more searching through profiles trying to find somebody interested in cycling (if that's what you're into), simply do a keyword search

  • name searching - if you know a member's name you can find them in no time with this handy facility

  • saved searches - recall an advanced search with one click. Save as many searches as you like.

  • horoscope matching - when you find someone you fancy, the one and only Russell Grant will tell what's in the stars for the two of you.

  • weekly horoscopes - get your forecast for the week ahead from Russell Grant.

  • monthly horoscopes - get your forecast for the whole month ahead from Russell Grant.

  • free featured profile (optional) - if you have a photo online we'll feature it for a week on our home page and our welcome page dramatically increasing your "hit-rate" (this is optional - you don't have to have your photo featured).

  • unlimited help - as always, you can send in as many help requests as you need.

Premium members can also request to have their profile featured so that even more people will see it and also have a "Star Match" report created that compares other profiles against yours and tells you about compatible members.


Profile Questionnaire

Basic questions are asked.

There are the regular profile questions to be answered which include screen name (this can be different from your login name), sexual orientation, height, birth date and marital status as well as two text boxes to answer the profile questions: "How would you describe yourself?" and "What would your ideal partner be like?". Take your time and be as complete as possible.


Membership Pricing

Pricing is current only as of the posting of this review and is subject to change without notice.

Three days £4.99 A one-off payment for three days of messaging and fun. No long-term commitment.

One month Love Guarantee £9.99 One low payment due every month. Great value. Easy to cancel. PLUS! Find love in six months or get six months free with the Love Guarantee™

Six months £39.99 A one-off payment for six months of messaging and fun. Great value!
Love Guarantee lifetime £59.99 A one-off payment for this brilliant lifetime membership service. Never pay for online dating again!

We also accept payments in Euros and US dollars - log in and click "Upgrade" to see the equivalent prices in your currency.

Note: there is no automatic rebilling of your membership. You must visit the site to maintain your Club membership and the premium features that are included when your current membership term expires


Promotional codes

Current promotional offers:

One month Love Guarantee £9.99 One low payment due every month. Great value. Easy to cancel. PLUS! Find love in six months or get six months free with the Love Guarantee™

Six months £39.99 A one-off payment for six months of messaging and fun. Great value!
Love Guarantee lifetime £59.99 A one-off payment for this brilliant lifetime membership service. Never pay for online dating again!


"Write Your Own Review" Responses

We have no "Write Your Own Review" responses for this service.  If you are interested in supplying us with a review of this service please read more about this feature here.


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