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I Want U - This in-depth review was last updated November 2008.  Please visit the I Want U service for more complete and up-to-date details.

Originally reviewed in 1998, I Want U is consistently making new technology available to their members. We like the new chat system and the free, easy access to the mobile service to members, free and VIP, throughout the world. I Want U has a great magazine that allows for members to submit articles, share comments, that goes beyond the basic forum structures of many other online services. Interactivity is what online dating is all about and I Want U leads the pack with the features their service offers to paid and even free members that can earn tokens to use without becoming a VIP member.


Basic Features

Premium Features

Profile Questionnaire

Membership Pricing

"Write Your Own Review" Responses

Contact Info: For complaints or inquiries about the I Want U service send a detailed email to or use the on-site live support button that can be found on most pages.

Disclaimer: Please note that all screenshots, graphics and information remains the property of their respective owners and is used here for informational and reviewer purposes only. The information presented here was current at the time of publication but may change by the time you visit the service reviewed. The opinions are solely those of the staff and may not be reprinted, in whole or in part, without prior written permission. 2002-2007, cheerful attitude web design ltd. and Robert Lee

Basic Features

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Screenshot of Home Page (Click to view larger image)

Our arrival to I Want U immediately brings to us 3 choices: Do we want to join the "Dating Club", the "Adult Club" or the "Alt Club"? I suggest that you click on the club you'd feel comfortable joining then do a member search to see if there are interesting people in your area that are already members. Joining is fast, you'll need to complete the basic portion of your profile, then the clubs are yours to explore. Start by earning tokens, as detailed below, and meet someone now!

The "Dating Club" is the destination of choice for straight and same sex singles in search of a lasting friendship and/or relationship. No out-of-the-ordinary personals here, just straight ads.

The "Adult Club" is for the swinger types and the personals include such graphic sexual representation that it may not be suitable for everyone. If you are not looking for a long commitment or relationship, this may be the place for you to start. Also includes the majority of ads.

The "Alt Club" is for everyone else. If whips and chains, leather and adult toys interest you, start here. And if you are gay or lesbian, dominant or submissive, you'll find the majority of ads and chats here that will suit your lifestyle and relationship requirements.

Basic membership is free and allows you to become a member with limited access which included mobile phone access to the service and limited access to the chat service. Basic members can earn tokens to use through the service which allows for more features. See below in the membership pricing section for ways to earn tokens and how they can be spent without having to become a paying VIP by the month member.


Premium Features

These features are available only to VIP and VIP Select members

VIP members features:
Mobile Dating Access unlimited
Chat unlimited
View and Send messages Unlimited
View profiles Unlimited
View webcams
Send and receive IMs
Detailed Search
Host your own parties
Special VIP-only contests and events
Rank higher in searches

VIP Select members are listed first in search results. You'll meet many more members with the small increase in monthly membership fees.


Profile Questionnaire

Basic questions are asked

You become a member by completing the basic join form, confirming your email address and finishing the basic profile form. You need to complete the basic profile form before you can do anything else at I Want U. But you'll only need a minute, it's that simple.

Move on into the completing parts of your profile by following the 'My Account' link and completing each section as they are important to you and what you want to show to other members. Keep in mind that the more of your profile you complete, the better you'll be found by other members and the more messages you'll be sent.


Membership Pricing

Pricing is current only as of the time this review was posted and is subject to change without notice

One-Month VIP $24.95 USD Monthly renewal $21.95 USD
Three-Month VIP $49.95 USD Monthly renewal $14.95 USD

One-Month VIP SELECT $34.95 USD Monthly renewal $29.95 USD
Three-Month VIP SELECT $59.95 USD Monthly renewal $17.95 USD

You can also purchase tokens to use instead of a monthly membership as follows:
400 tokens $29.95 USD
1000 tokens $56.95 USD
2500 tokens $99.95 USD

Tokens are charged by use as follows:
Upgrade to VIP member 400
Upgrade to VIP SELECT member 600
View photo gallery 1
View a profile 1
Send a message 5

You can also earn tokens by doing the following:
Invite a friend earn 10 When they confirm their email
Invite a friend earn 200 When they become a VIP
Update your profile earn 1 token Max 4 times/month When approved
Post a photo to your profile earn 20 One time When approved
Post a photo gallery earn 10 Min 5 photos When approved
Post a magazine article earn 2 Max 5 times/month When approved
Post a magazine question earn 2 Max 5 times/month When approved
Reply to magazine article or question earn 1 Max 5 times/month When approved
Fill Out Survey earn 5 Max 1 time/month When submitted
Post a success story earn 10 One time When posted
Add us to your Safelist earn 10 One time When confirmed

Your free membership does not expire unless you are absent from visiting I Want U for an extended period.


"Write Your Own Review" Responses

We have no "Write Your Own Review" responses for this service. If you are interested in supplying us with a review of this service please read more about this feature here.


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