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- This in-depth review was last updated November 2008. All information and screenshots are current as of this date. Please visit the Lavalife service for more complete and up-to-date details.

Lavalife, formerly WebPersonals, offers one of the original and extremely popular singles destinations that will help you connect offering more than 15 million member profiles. They are integrated as the personals option at several major web sites and have a presence through phone personals and mobile personals that is one of the largest available. Online since 1996 they have shown the Internet what personals are all about and continue to offer the best in features and service.

Lavalife is built around the idea that instant messaging is more fun than just receiving emails from someone and they have created the best system to that goal. Pay particular attention to the "Instant Message", "Smiles", "Video" and "Who's Online" features. And it's always free to respond to email messages you receive, so you'll be checking your inbox a lot.

In September 2007 Lavalife has redesigned the navigation of the web site pages to make it quite a bit easier to access the available features. The redesign is quite successful in achieving an increased usefulness if the service.

Also part of the Lavalife service are separate departments of "Lavalife by Phone" and "Lavalife Mobile". Local rates and memberships vary, please visit these services directly for complete information and promotions.

 FREE Browsing of online personals profiles at any time
 FREE smiles that let you contact as many singles as you want.
 FREE replies to everyone who contacts you -- guaranteed! AND
 FREE email alerts so you know when you catch someone's eye.
It's always FREE to SIGN UP!


Basic Features

Premium Features

Profile Questionnaire

Membership Pricing


"Write Your Own Review" Responses

Contact Info: For complaints or inquiries about the Lavalife service use the one of the email addresses that can be found by the "Contact Us" link on most pages.
Lavalife Inc.
905 King Street West, Suite #500
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3G9
Attn: Web-CCO

Disclaimer: Please note that all screenshots, graphics and information remains the property of their respective owners and is used here for informational and reviewer purposes only. The information presented here was current at the time of publication but may change by the time you visit the service reviewed. The opinions are solely those of the staff and may not be reprinted, in whole or in part, without prior written permission. © 2002-2007, cheerful attitude web design ltd. and Robert Lee

Basic Features


Screenshot of Home Page (Click to view)

The Lavalife entry page has two options, join now or search for members. I suggest searching for members first, you'll get a good idea of the Lavalife membership in your area, which generally speaking, is a large amount of people. You will join, it's the next proper step and you'll find that the registration pages (two) are easily and quickly completed.

It's free to create your profile, browse and search as well as reply to messages. Also free to send a "Smile". We recommend that you begin by completing the profile form and making yourself available to be met by other members. You don't have to pay until you are ready, but by having your profile accessible and being logged in to Lavalife you'll never know who might find you, email you and you can reply for free. Your profile is saved in the member area that you first selected and you can add the other options if you like, one of "Dating" Relationships" or "Intimate". We like the idea of keeping these areas separate as options to join so that your profile is only viewed by like-minded people.

Smiles - Are free for everyone to send, once you have completed your profile. Smiles are a quick message that tells someone you are interested in them but does not begin a conversation, it just allows them to check out your profile and from there a conversation or trade of messages can begin.

Instant Messages - You are able to send instant messages with anyone online, as long as you have subscribed. You can set your preferences so that you are emailed when you have a message waiting.

Backstage Pass - An area of your personal profile that can contain more intimate photos and only you can invite others to see them. Free for all members to create and visit when permission is granted, if you select the option to hide your Backstage. Nude pictures are allowed only in the "Intimate Encounters" section.

Hotlist - An area in your messaging center where you can place the profiles of the people you are most interested in meeting.

Lavalife Magazine - Free magazine-style email newsletter. Has interesting articles and advice for all. Definitely worth viewing. Choose to have it emailed to you when you join. Change this option anytime.


Premium Features

These features are available only to paid members.

Only members with a subscription can initiate contact with members. All members can reply to messages.

Send unlimited messages

Send unlimited emails.


Profile Questionnaire

Advanced questions are asked.

As you complete the first part of the questionnaire be sure to take your time and give your answers some thought, don't speed through the process. Sure, you can change your answers later, but why not get it right the first time. We really appreciate the thought that went into the creation of this profile form, it will help you present yourself to others very well and answer a lot of questions someone may have about you as they view your profile, before the send you a message.

Part two is the "In Your Own Words" description allows you plenty of room to describe yourself, your likes and dislikes with room for up to 2000 characters (about 300 words). This is posted as part of your profile after it is reviewed. Once you have completed this part you are ready to add your picture (a sure way to get messages sent to you and be a popular stop as people browse the profiles) and create your "Backstage" where you can add more pictures. Be sure to select the "Member Slideshow" option when you create your "Backstage" too. Only your first profile picture is used to be seen by other members and guests as the view the slideshow.

We like the option of hiding your profile and only showing it when you are logged into Lavalife (or always showing or never showing your profile). This feature is original and works well if you spend a lot of time at the service but don't want email messages cluttering up your registered email inbox.


Membership Pricing

Pricing is current only as the last update of this review and is subject to change without notice.

Pricing varies according to country but is under $30.00 a month, less if you purchase a longer subscription term. Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the term, unless you cancel your account within 48 hours of it's end.

Lavalife by Phone pricing varies by market. Check your member subscription options for current pricing.

Lavalife Mobile pricing varies by market. Check your member subscription options for current pricing.



Currents Promotions

Always free to reply to messages.

7 day free trial available only through special doorway pages like this link. Note, this free trial offer may end at any time without notice.


"Write Your Own Review" Responses

We have no "Write Your Own Review" responses for this service. If you are interested in supplying us with a review of this service please read more about this feature here.



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